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Five years ago, we had a vision.

The idea was simple, but powerful:

Build a campus for students – what they need, how they learn, where they can succeed.An Image

That meant residence halls with modern living and learning spaces to grow a sense of community. High-tech classroom facilities that foster learning through collaborative spaces and cutting-edge teaching tools. A new student center that would serve as a living room for the entire campus, where organizations can meet and plan and where concerts, plays, movies bring a campus together.

Today, the vision is a reality.

In the last five years alone, more than $2 billion has been spent to make the University of Kentucky a place where students are at the center of everything that we do.

It’s all here.

And we’re not done.

As of this fall, more than 6,850 new on-campus beds will have been constructed. In those halls, some 16 living-learning communities exist where students with wide and varying interests – from engineering to public health and the arts – can live, work and learn together, often alongside world-renowned scholars and leaders in their fields.

It's all here.

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