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As an effort to help our freshmen begin their journey at UK as smoothly as possible, UK students and staff have built an iPad iOS app called ‘UK: Go’ that will appear on UK-issued iPads in July 2020.  UK: Go was specifically designed to 1) guide students to their advisors for support; 2) share a checklist of important tasks to complete during their first year; 3) provide resources and timely articles for navigating campus life; and 4) encourage participation in events and student organizations

UK: Go App Sneak Peek

To preview the UK: Go App please click the button below.

UK: Go App

UK: Go App

UK: Go will only work on an iPad with iOS 13 and up.  From your iPad, click Download UK: Go and follow the instructions to download the UK: Go app on your iPad. 

Your linkblue ID and Password will be required.

Download UK: Go

Interested in Creating and Building Apps?

If you are interested in creating and building apps please click on the button below to email us and learn more about the app development. 

Email Smart Campus