DanceBlue Dance Party FAQs

How many people do I need to form a team?

As many as you want … the more members you have, the more likely you are to win! Of course, we all win by donating to DanceBlue, but the winning team wins a reception with the President.


How do I register?

Register here or send an e-mail with your team name and team member names to We will make sure any amount donated through the website is added to your team total.


What is the cost per team member?

There is a $20 per person participation fee (10 Members = $200).


How do I pay the $20 participation fee?

You can pay through the donation website or bring cash to the Boone Center or Good Barn on the day of the event.


How much does my team need to raise?

There is no required amount, but we do, of course, encourage additional donations above the $20 per person.


Can I donate online?

Yes, click here to donate online!


Does everyone on my team need to create a donor/fundraiser account to track donations?

There are three options:

1. Each person can create an account and donate separately. Be sure to register here or e-mail your team name and team member names to

2. One team member can collect all donations and donate on behalf of your team. Let us know who will be donating on behalf of your team by emailing

3. Each person can bring their $20 participation fee on the day of the event.


How do I purchase a t-shirt?

T-shirts are available here: Any amount donated from the t-shirts will be applied to your team total for additional donations. The deadline to purchase a t-shirt is January 24th.