Still We Rise seeks nominations

Still We Rise is meant to recognize UK students for “rising up” in the face of adversity. The program's name is an homage to Maya Angelou’s anthem And Still I Rise. Still We Rise provides a forum for students to share their stories of overcoming challenges and recognizes students with awards and scholarship/stipend presentations.

Applications and nominations: Check back for information regarding the 2022 application process.


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Still We Rise awards ceremony

Save the date! Check back for information regarding the 2022 Still We Rise Award Ceremony.

Event sponsors and presenters: Sponsored by UK Student Government Association, the Office for Student Success, the Office of Institutional Diversity, the Martin Luther King Center, the Disability Resource Center, and the Human Development Institute, with additional support from private sponsors.

Still We Rise history at UK

UK's Still We Rise program was founded in 2018 to celebrate the diversity of students at the University of Kentucky and honor undergraduate students who have persisted through obstacles and are on track to graduate. The awards were inaugurated in 2019, when recipients were Natalie Hopkins and Rasheen Turner.


    Event founder Kennedy Guess shares this history of Still We Rise:

    Still We Rise was created to celebrate the strength and resiliency of students at the University of Kentucky. During my undergraduate time at the University, I struggled with mental health issues, as well as being sexually assaulted. Many people remain silent on these struggles. I began to be transparent about my journey, and the more I told my story, the more I learned about my peers' experiences. I learned everybody struggles in college, most people struggle in silence. The average age of onset for mental health disorders is between 20 and 25. That is prime college age. One in five women will be assaulted in their lifetime. There are numerous people who share some variation of the same story, or have other stories of overcoming obstacles. I realized my story could help others suffering in silence realize they are not alone. I wanted to help diminish the stigmas associated with mental health disorders and sexual assault. I wanted to acknowledge the strength and courage of my classmates, overcoming difficulties in their lives and succeeding. I wanted to spark a conversation that made people uncomfortable. Discomfort promotes change. So for the past three years, Still We Rise has been honoring students and promoting change.

    In 2021, Still We Rise awarded 25 scholarships to UK students

    Contact: For more information about Still We Rise, contact Ashley Hinton-Moncer.


    Committee Members 

    • Ashley Hinton-Moncer - Student Wellness
    • Scot Gillies - Student Success Administration
    • Kayla Gill - Student Transitions and Family Programs 
    • Walt Bower - Interdisciplinary Human Development
    • Carl Goodmonson - Office of Philanthropy 
    • Grace Hahn - Student Success Administration
    • Taryn Henning - Violence Intervention and Prevention Center 

    *Please know that the committee members will be reviewing all submissions and are also mandatory reporters at the University of Kentucky. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I received a scholarship last year, can I receive a scholarship this year? No.

    What are the eligibility requirements to apply? Any full time student can apply for the scholarship.

    If I applied last year and didn’t receive a scholarship can I apply again? Yes, you can apply again. 

    What is a personal statement? A personal statement is an opportunity to share a little bit about who you and demonstrate your personality. 

    How long should my personal statement be? No more than 2 pages. 

    How many scholarships are given away? 25

    What is the estimated scholarship amount? $500

    If I have any addition questions who should I reach out too? Ashley Hinton