About Us

UK Student Development and Support is one of five areas within the division of UK Office for Student Success. The area is led by Assistant Vice President Marianne Young (m.young@uky.edu). 

Student Development and Support units:

  • Student Community Resources and Services (unit contact: Robert Hayes, robert.hayes@uky.edu)
    • Veterans Resource Center
    • Office of LGBTQ* Resources
    • First Generation Student Services
    • Off-Campus Student Services
  • University Academic Advising (unit contact: Adam Smith, a.smith@uky.edu)
  • Student Support Services (unit contact: Lydia Wims, lwims0@uky.edu)
  • CARES: the Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (unit contact: Toni Thomas, toni.thomas@uky.edu)
  • Stuckert Career Center (unit contact: Ray Clere, ray.clere@uky.edu)