Academic Advising

University Advising Mission Statement and Contact Information

The UK Advising Community empowers students through individualized support, guidance, and connection to resources to realize and achieve academic, career, and personal goals.

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Academic advising at the University of Kentucky is an ongoing educational process that connects the student to their undergraduate education, their career pathway and to resources.  As students’ progress through their academic programs, their advising needs change. Faculty advisors support students in a variety of ways by providing mentorship and specialized information related to an academic program.  In some colleges, faculty advisors serve as the primary academic advising contact for students.  Program advisors provide an additional layer of support and guidance for students.  University academic and career advising is the responsibility of the Student and Academic Support Office and those Colleges offering degree programs.  Working together, each area seeks to provide assistance in navigating the degree process, career pathways and University policies and procedures.

Academic Advising Mission Statement

The mission of academic advisors, both faculty and professional, is to:

  • assist students in taking responsibility for developing meaningful education plans compatible with their potential and their career and life goals;
  • help students formulate important questions about the nature and direction of their education and assist them in finding answers to those questions;
  • assist students in acquiring accurate and timely information regarding academic policies, procedures, and requirements;
  • facilitate the successful transition of prospective, continuing and nontraditional students to the academic and campus environment.

Within the advising system at the University of Kentucky, both students and advisors have responsibilities.