High Schools & UK Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit ProgramA dual credit program is a formal partnership between two educational entities that allow for high school students in one school (or district) to enroll concurrently in a college course. Acadmic credit is awarded by both the high school and the partnering college. At UK, all dual credit courses are offered at the high school, taught by pre-approved teachers who work as part of the UK department offering the course at that remote site. The program must be formally established and approved by the leaders of both institutions before a student can be enrolled in a UK dual credit course.

Since the Spring Term of 2017, UK has been participating in the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship Program. This Program is funded through the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet and administered by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). This program allows for eligible Kentucky students to take a college course for free - no tuition, fees or other charges will be incurred by them.

Download the Kentucky Department of Education's Dual Credit 101 (February 2017) handbook here.

The purpose of a formal UK Dual Credit Program is to provide academic enrichment opportunities to high school students who are ready for the rigors and challenges of coursework in a research university. In addition, the Program serves as an immersive professional development opportunity for our partner secondary school educators and counselors who learn first-hand the transitions issues inherent in the success of their students moving on to a public Research I university. For UK Faculty there are many benefits in participating in a formal dual credit program and, because UK faculty are responsible for regular oversight of courses offered to high schoolers - and their effectiveness for student progress at UK - they can directly impact ways by which our Kentucky high schoolers will experience a more coherent progress to a UK degree.

For those eligible high school students who wish to take advantage of more of the University of Kentucky’s rich curricular offerings, UK allows them to be admitted while finishing up their high school diplomas. If the course pre-requisites are met, the student can enroll in a UK course on campus and pay full tuition/fees. They may not use their Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship for this kind of enrollment.This option for high school students is currently available and details about this opportunity for exceptional high schoolers can be found on the UK Undergraduate Admissions website:

NOTE: High school students and their families may be taking dual credit courses from multiple providers - including private/independent or proprietary institutions. It is important that they are reminded of which courses transfer successfully (and for what kind of credit) to UK - or how their UK courses transfer to the college where they ultimately matriculate. Information on transferability of college courses should be researched early in the high school student's academic career. See more on this at the Kentucky KnowHow2Transfer website: http://knowhow2goky.org/kh2t.

UK Dual Credit Courses Currently Available for Partner Schools to Offer on Their Campuses

  • WRD 110, Composition and Communication 1
    approved by Undergraduate Council on 11/15/2016
  • WRD 111, Composition and Communication 2
    approved by Undergraduate Council on 11/15/2016

UK Dual Credit Partnerships - approved by University Senate and administered/overseen by the Provost's Office

Currently, the University has the following dual credit partnerships established where UK courses are offered to eligible students enrolled at selected high schools:

While these UK courses may be offered to eligible students in the above high schools, not all the courses are offered by the UK department faculty every semester. For more information, contact Katherine McCormick (katherine.mccormick@uky.edu) at 859-257-9573.