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Advising Manual

The University of Kentucky Advising Manual should serve as a guide to the regulations and policies that are relevant to advising at UK as well as offering advising best practices and other information that can be helpful in serving University of Kentucky students.  The manual can be found on the advisors website, found here. 


BCTCblue+ Program

The BCTCblue+ Program came into being after a year-long study by a large task force composed of student support staff and faculty from UK and Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC).  In October 2008, Presidents Todd and Julian signed a Memorandum of Agreement that explains the general principles and policies agreed upon by both institutions.  This program is designed for new students enrolling in an Associates in Arts (AA) or Associates in Sciences (AS) degree at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. Students will be advised by BCTC faculty and the UK transfer advisor housed at BCTC to complete the AA or AS degree from BCTC before transferring full-time to UK. Those who earn an AA or AS degree will transfer to UK as General Education certified.

Students must officially enroll in the BCTC Blue+ program while at BCTC in order to receive any of the benefits of the program and they must maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average to remain eligible for the program. You can find the online application for the program on the BCTC Transfer Center website.

Primary academic advising for BCTCblue+ students is handled by the Transfer Center staff at UK (transferadvising@uky.edu). The Transfer Center staff lifts the advisor hold in the MyUK Advising Hub for the program students and will also enter all pre-requisite overrides required for students to enroll in UK courses for which they have satisfied the pre-requisite requirements through BCTC work.


Students in the BCTC Blue + program may take up to 12 UK credit hours (no more than 4 courses) at the current BCTC tuition rate, plus associated part-time UK fees per credit hour and any course fees as applicable.  If the credit hours being taken concurrently at BCTC and UK in a given semester total twelve (12) or more credit hours, the student will be considered full-time at BCTC. Students are eligible to enroll in courses offered on the UK campus according to the following schedule:

  • Eligible for one course after earned + in-progress hours at BCTC = 15 credits
  • Eligible for one course after earned + in-progress hours at BCTC = 30 credits
  • Eligible for two courses after earned + in-progress hours at BCTC = 45 credits

BCTCblue+ students who are eligible to register for UK courses will be permitted to priority register during the windows assigned for UK non-degree seeking students.  Financial Aid is available for those who qualify (student must work with the Financial Aid office at BCTC). 

NOTE: The privileges of the BCTCblue+ program (e.g., reduced tuition on UK courses and priority registration) do not apply to UK summer or winter session courses.

At the point in time when a student is completing BCTC work and is ready to transfer to UK as a degree-seeking student, the regular application process will be followed, but the admission application fee will be waived.


BCTCblue+ students will be admitted to UK as non-degree seeking (visiting students) with a Program of Study of NODEG-BC and major of NDBC.  The admission process is handled by an electronic interface for data exchange from BCTC to UK, and students do not have to apply formally to UK themselves. 

BCTC students enrolled in UK courses through the BCTCblue+ program will follow all UK registration add/drop and refund deadlines for the UK portion of their course load. 

  • Warning:  If a student withdraws from a UK course prior to the last day to add a class for the semester, the course will NOT count as an attempt toward the 12 hours to be taken at the reduced UK rate, and the student will owe 20% of tuition/fees.  If the course is dropped after the last day to add a class, the course WILL count as an attempt toward the 12 hours to be taken at the UK rate, and the student will owe 50% of tuition/fees.
  • Warning: BCTCblue+ students who priority register for UK course/s and do not maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 at BCTC will be dropped from their UK course/s.  No tuition penalties will apply.

Once admitted to UK in a non-degree status, BCTCblue+ students will be assigned a UK computing account which must be activated prior to registration.  Students may choose to forward their UK email to a BCTC or personal email account.  Students in the program will be identified at UK by a Student Status (visible in the header of the Student File and Student Master Data) and also by the specific program of study and major:  Program of Study of NODEG-BC and major of NDBC.


  1. How will international students be handled in this program?  International students will be reported through BCTC and no visa information will be sent to UK for these students.
  2. How will AP credit be treated?  As transfer work with appropriate course equivalency.
  3. Students who earn AA or AS will transfer as General Education certified?  Yes.
  4. Will students in the program be permitted to transfer more than 67 hours of credit from BCTC?  No.  Only 67 hours may be transferred (not including work done at UK in a non-degree status).
  5. If a student does not maintain 2.00 gpa at BCTC, is the student removed from program?  Yes, until such a time that student meets the grade-point eligibility requirements.
  6. Which institution provides loan deferments, proof of enrollment for insurance purposes, etc.?  BCTC provides these services to the students.
  7. Must the student be enrolled in at least six credit hours at BCTC (or at least through KCTCS) for every semester of enrollment at UK?  Yes.
  8. Who will lift the UK advisor holds for these students?  UK Transfer Advisor at BCTC.
  9. If a student has another type of hold at UK (i.e. Parking, Library, etc), must these holds be lifted prior to registration for UK courses?  Yes.
  10. If a student drops all BCTC courses, will the UK course also be dropped?  Yes.
  11. If a student priority registers because earned and in-progress hours equal one of the milestones (15, 30 or 45 credits) but the student does not successfully complete all classes and therefore does not earn the milestone achievement (15, 30 or 45 credits), will the UK course/s be dropped?  Yes, because the student is not eligible for the next milestone at that time.
  12. Can a BCTC student who is enrolled in the program take additional UK courses at regular UK tuition while in the program?  No.  The student is only permitted to be enrolled in one non-degree seeking program at a time.  The student is only eligible for the course work as defined by the rules for the BCTCbue+ program.


  • Explore Degree Pathways, UK's four-year transfer pathways (for students in the first two years at KCTCS and the last two years at UK), KnowHow2Transfer.org
  • BCTCblue+ Program, BCTC Transfer Center website
  • White Paper: A Summary of the Faculty Review of the BCTCblue+ Program and Recommendations for Improvement, Spring 2012