Free Tutoring and Coaching Resources

UK's free tutoring and coaching resources will continue to offer operate virtually thoughout the summer term. Many of our services will utilize Zoom or Tutor Matching Service for support.


Academic Coaching

Summer 2020: Appointments available via phone or virtually via Zoom beginning Monday, May 18. To schedule an appointment, click here.

Assistance with personal and academic development, maintaining progress toward your goals, academic skills like time management, study strategies and more.


Biology Learning Center

[Closed for Summer 2020]

Undergraduate Instructional Assistants are available to tutor the following courses: BIO 148, 152, 155, 302, 303, 304, 308, 315, 325, 350, BCH 401G and PGY412G. See website for hours.


Business Analytics Lab

Summer 2020: Virtual drop-in tutoring for AN 300 only will be available via Zoom beginning Monday, June 15. For more information, click here.

Free tutoring and software support for students enrolled in Analytics courses (AN300, AN306, AN324, AN420G and AN450G) and any student using Analytics software, inlcuding Excel, Tableau, Tableau Prep, Alteryx and JMP Pro. See website for hours.


CARES [Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services]

Summer 2020: Individual tutoring will be available virtually via Zoom. To request an individual tutoring session, click here

CARES offers tutoring and study group sessions for a variety of math and physical science courses including PSY 100, STA 210, STA 296, PHY 211 and PHY 231.


CATS [Center for Academic and Tutorial Services]

Summer 2020: Virtual tutoring sessions scheduled internally.

Proactively scheduled tutoring sessions for varsity student-athletes.


Finance Tutoring

[Closed for Summer 2020]

The Gatton College of Business and Economics offers free tutoring for students taking FIN 300 (corporate finance).



[Closed for Summer 2020]

Free tutoring for College of Engineering students through the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society.


General Chemistry Learning Center

Summer 2020: TBD

Resources for general chemistry courses including TA support/tutoring and instructor office hours.


LEAP [Lab for Economics & Accounting Proficiency]

[Closed for Summer 2020]

Free tutoring services for students enrolled in ACC 201, ACC 202, ACC 301, ECO 201, ECO 202, ECO 391 and ECO 401. 


Library Reference Services

Summer 2020: Virtual support is available via email, chat and Zoom. 

Individual and small group research assistance including forming search strategies, finding information sources, navigating the research process and more.



[Closed for Summer 2020]

Support for students in all 100-level math courses, as well as MA 213 and MA 214.


Organic Chemistry Learning Center

Summer 2020: Virtual one-on-one support is available for free through UK's Tutor Matching Service portal.

One-on-one support for students enrolled in introductory organic chemistry courses. Services provided by TAs from the organic chemistry lab courses.


Physics and Astronomy Learning Center

[Closed for Summer 2020]

Free support for students enrolled in physics and/or astronomy courses.


Presentation U

Summer 2020: Virtual support offered by appointment via Zoom. To schedule an appointment, click here.

Tutoring for speeches, papers, presentations and other communication assignments.


SSS [Student Support Services]

Summer 2020: All services (small group tutoring, individual tutoring, academic progress sessions, study skills workshops) will be offered virtually. Email to request an appointment.

Student Support Services is a federally-funded program created to support students who are first generation, low income or have a documented disability.


The Media Depot

Summer 2020: Virtual support available via this Zoom link.

Direct one-on-one assistance with multimedia assignments including podcasts, infographics, asynchronous video presentations and video uploads.


The Study - Peer Tutoring

Summer 2020: Virtual drop-in tutoring available beginning Monday, May 18 — no appointment necessary. For more info, click here.

Drop-in peer tutoring for a variety of 100 and 200-level math, science and business courses. One-on-one appointments with peer tutors are also now available.


The Study - Supplemental Instruction

Summer 2020: TBD 

Weekly peer-led group study sessions for various courses. 


The Writing Center

Summer 2020: e-Tutoring available by appointment beginning Monday, June 1. To schedule an appointment, click here.

Assistance with beginning, developing or reviewing writing projects for any course, documenting sources fairly and correctly, learning and applying revision and proofreading strategies and more.