MOSAIIC Conference

MOSAIIC stands for Multicultural Opportunities, Strategies and Institutional Inclusiveness Conference

Please contact your Central KY Diversity Consortium representative for more information.

This conference is FREE to all students, staff and faculty of the members of the Central Kentucky Diversity Consortium. All other attendees are requested to donate $100 to support the Conference costs. Check out the UKnow article on the 2017 MOSAIIC here.

2017 MOSAIIC Who sez?
Know Your Rights:
Democratic Citizenship and Juvenile Justice

Thursday, November 9 & Friday, November 10 
UK's historic Patterson Hall and Blazer Dining Hall on MLK Boulevard

We will focus this year on our rights in a democracy. Conference speakers will also address juvenile justice issues in community-based engagement - a "Know Your Rights" conference that gives hands-on skills for activist/scholars to use in their service-learning and/or volunteer activities in their local communities. This year's conference will share the last day's keynoter with the Come Together Kentucky's opening session on the evening of the 10th. MOSAIIC sessions are highly interactive: panel, facilitator-led discussion, poster or other kind of exhibit with new knowledge for scholarship (e.g., service-learning projects), creative expressions, group roleplay or simulation.

2017 MOSAIIC Schedule

Thursday, November 9th
Patterson Hall9:00-10:00 a.m. Sign-in, Networking, and Breakfast, Patterson Hall
10:00-10:30 a.m. Welcome and Kick-Off Session with the Consortium’s Vice-Presidents of Diversity/Inclusion/Multiculturalism and their student liaisons about the status of diversity/inclusion initiatives at their schools - what they hope to gain from the MOSAIIC sessions - moderated by Marietta Watts, UK Office of Institutional Diversity
10:45-11:45 a.m. Sessions in Patterson Hall and Blazer Dining Hall:
  • 6000 Miles of Resistance from Syria to the United States, a facilitator-led discussion by Ranym Nenneh (UK international student), Patterson 228
  • Introductin to Nonviolent Resistence, a skills-based workshop by Richard Mitchell (Central KY Council for Peace & Justice), Blazer Dining 225
  • Ethics in a World of Strangers, a facilitator-led discussion by Rich Greissman (retired UK), Blazer Dining 229
  • High School Students with Disabilities: Fulfilling the Promise of Transition, a facilitator-led discussion by Dr. Kathleen Sheppard-Jones (Director, UK Human Development Institute), Patterson 225
  • Understanding In re Gault and Juvenile Justice Issues Today – Reenacting What Made It Happen and Why - interactive readers theatre and facilitated discussion by Ryan Maxwell (Institute for Compassionate Justice) and UK Law students, Blazer Dining 241/249 (room capacity is 96, so please confirm you will be attending this session when you sign in)
Blazer Hallnoon – 1:00 p.m. Lunch, 1st floor Blazer Dining Hall (free to all registrants who signed in at Patterson Hall)
1:15 - 2:15 p.m. Sessions:
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Resistence, a skills-based workshop by Richard Mitchell (Central KY Council for Peace & Justice), Blazer Dining 225
  • Ethics in a World of Strangers, a facilitator-led discussion by Rich Greissman (retired UK), Blazer Dining 229
  • In Pursuit of Justice: Your Free Expression Rights, a presentation by Dr. Aimee Edmondson (Journalism, Ohio U) whose topic connects to the development of libel laws in the Civil Rights Era and how those laws are impacted arguments around police body cameras and other forms of documenting state violence against non-white/non-normative bodies, Blazer Dining room 241/249 (room capacity is 96, so please confirm you will be attending this session when you sign in)
  • Tour of UK with a student guide from the UK Visitors Center (available to only 25 people, so please confirm you want to go on the tour)

2:30 – 3:45 p.m. Sessions in Patterson Hall and Blazer Dining:

  • Art and Citizenship, a facilitated discussion and art experience by Sonja Brooks (Sisohpromatem Art Fndtn.) creating inspirational cards to keep or trade, Patterson 119
  • Civic Engagement at UK and Beyond, a facilitated discussion by Todd Stoltzfus (UK Student Involvement), Patterson 209
  • For Better Unity, Help Your Community! a facilitator-led discussion by Hunter Williams and Alexa Quiroz (Transylvania U), Patterson 225
  • History of Dance and Culture in Latin America: Highlighting Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, a creative expression performance and dance lesson by Thomas Wilson, advisor for FCPS Henry Clay High School's Latino Student Association, Blazer Dining 241/249
  • History of Racism and Anti-Racist Activism in Kentucky, a facilitated discussion and interactive readers theatre with Randolph Hollingsworth (UK Center for Social Justice & Equality), Patterson 105
4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Hot hors d'oeuvres/Light Supper & Networking, Selfies and Tallying up the inspirational trading cards for democracy and justice with Sonja Brooks, 241/249 Blazer Hall
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Creative Voices for Justice, Gatton B&E Kincaid Auditorium
  • Tiger Pride - a hip-hop and step group from Georgetown College, led by DaKeya Burnam
  • Poetic Justice - UK student organization, poetry and activism, led by Gabriel Tomlin
Friday, November 10th
8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Sign-in, Networking, and Breakfast, Patterson Hall
featuring Art, Creativity and Citizenship worktable with Sonja Brooks, Sisohpromatem Art Foundation, in Patterson 119
and information tables about higher ed programs and workforce development opportunities at schools in the Consortium
9:00 – 10:15 a.m. Sessions in Patterson Hall and Blazer Dining Hall:
  • Art, Creativity and Citizenship worktable with Sonja Brooks (Sisohpromatem Art Foundation) creating inspirational cards to keep or trade, Patterson 119
  • Navigating Campus as Marginalized Students and Collaboration Strategies, facilitated discussion by Rory Barron and Meg Coppala (UK The Queer Project and Feminist Alliance), Patterson 221  
  • Racial and Ethnic Microagressions in the College Classroom, facilitated discussion by Ana X. de la Serna, Meredith Garrison, Xia Xeng and Nora Radway (UK College of Communication & Information), Blazer 241/249
  • Racial Disparities and the Work of Fayette County RCCW-DMC, facilitated discussion by Rebecca Ballard DiLoreto (Institute for Compassion in Justice), Patterson 105
  • Understanding the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Office of Diversity's role in creating a diverse and inclusive campus community and state, facilitated discussion with Mildred Bailey, Ashley Holt, Dr. Dale Morgan and Dr. Quentin Tyler, Patterson 129
10:30 – 11:45 a.m. Sessions​ in Patterson Hall and Blazer Dining:
  • Building a Movement: Individualized Learning to Empower Social Change, facilitated discussion with Susan Cintra and her high school student leaders (Madison Central High School), Blazer 225
  • #Here to Stay- Immigrant Rights and the Basics of Allyship, facilitated discussion with Erin Howard (Director of Latino Outreach and Services, Bluegrass Comm. & Tech. College) and student leaders, Patterson 129
  • Investigating Discrimination in Lexington, facilitated discussion with F. Brenton Covington & Raymond Sexton (Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission), Patterson 106
  • Our Right to be Free from Violence, facilitated discussion with Dr. Kerby Neill (Central KY Council for Peace & Justice), Patterson 209
  • Kentucky Racial Disproportionality in Schools and Punishment Systems, presentation by Dr. Ed Morris (UK Sociology) and Dr. Brea Perry (Indiana U), Blazer 241/249
  • Reproductive Justice 101, facilitated discussion with Marcie Crim and Giselle (Kentucky Health Justice Network), Blazer 334
  • Teaching Peace in Turbulent Times, facilitated discussion with Dr. Rebecca Glasscock (BCTC Geography, Peace Studies), Blazer 303
  • Using Your Voice, a skills-based workshop by Jillian Pyatte (UK Civic Engagement), Patterson 221
12 noon - 2:45 p.m. Lunch, 241/249 Blazer Hall (free for those who sign in at Patterson Hall)
and Keynote Presentation by DeBraun Thomas, artist activist (KFTC and Take Back Cheapside) "The Art and Craft of Social Justice Activism" - see the video of Mr. Thomas's presentation here (on YouTube).
MOSAIIC Award Presentations, moderated by Charlene Walker (VP for Multiculturalism and Inclusion, Bluegrass Community & Technical College)
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. “Give Your Voice” a conversation with the Consortium’s Vice-Presidents of Diversity/Inclusion/Multiculturalism, their student liaisons and audience - what did we learn from MOSAIIC? what do we want to start for long-term planning for our campuses? 241/249 Blazer Hall
4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Dinner on your own (KY Diversity Consortium planning team will attend a Thank-you Reception with VIPs, by invitation only)
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. MOSAIIC and Come Together Kentucky Keynote Speakers, Room 121 Jacobs Science Building, Drs. Wendy Leo Moore (Sociology, Texas A&M) and Joyce M. Bell (Sociology, U of Minnesota) on racism, the First Amendment and diversity discourse in higher education 

Download and post a MOSAIIC flyer (.pdf file) to help get the word out!

Presenters/facilitators for 2017 MOSAIIC sessions who have already confirmed (in alpha order by last name):

  • Mildred Bailey, Ashley Holt, Dale Morgan, Quentin Tyler (UK CAFE Office of Diversity) on their work to create a diverse and inclusive environment in their college, the campus, Ag Extension work statewide as well as the Governor's Minority College Awareness Program
  • Rory Barron and Meg Coppala (UK The Queer Project & the Feminist Alliance) on navigating the higher ed campus as marginalized students, coping mechanisms and collaboration strategies in this political age
  • Sonja Brooks (Sisohpromatem Art Foundation) on art and citizenship - making trading cards (artwork on one side and a challenge on the reverse) to be given away or kept for positive messages to encourage inclusiveness, racial justice, and true community
  • Susan Cintra (advisor, student-led action project at Madison Central High School) and her high school students on the various problems and ideas that students undertaking community-based service-learning projects encounter
  • F. Brenton Covington, Community Relations Coordinator, and Raymond Sexton, Executive Director (Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission) will provide a brief overview of the work of their agency and discuss the process they use to investigate alleged cases of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation in Fayette County, Kentucky
  • Marcie Crim, Executive Director, and Giselle, organizer, for Kentucky Health Justice Network will provide an overview of reproductive justice work they are doing - a blending of reproductive rights with broader social justice movements
  • Ana X. de la Serna, Meredith Garrison, Xia Xeng, Nora Radway (UK College of Communication & Information) on the lack of visual literacy, unconscious bias and the resulting racial and ethnic microaggressions in college classrooms
  • Rebecca Ballard DiLoretol (UK adjunct faculty in Law and in Social Work and co-leader of the Fayette County Race, Community and Child Welfare & Disproportionate Minority Confinement community group) on research studied by the RCCW-DMC group regarding racial disparities in Fayette County in our local child welfare, juvenile justice and education systems and how the impact of the disparities is interwoven, its effect compounded from one system to the next
  • Aimee Edmondson (Journalism, Ohio U) whose topic would connect to the development of libel laws in the Civil Rights Era and how those laws are impacted arguments around police body cameras and other forms of documenting state violence against non-white/non-normative bodies.
  • Rebecca Glasscock (Geography and co-founder of the Peace Studies Program, BCTC) on teaching peace in turbulent times
  • Rich Greissman (retired UK administrator and adjunct faculty for A&S Wired Living-Learning Community) on Tony Appiah's concept of a cosmopolitan canopy, the Golden Rule and ethical decisions to make when encountering "the stranger" in today's global community
  • Randolph Hollingsworth (UK adjunct faculty in History and affiliate faculty in Gender & Women Studies and in the UK Center for Equality and Social Justice) will facilitate a discussion on racism in Kentucky history and an examination of anti-racist activism in that past that might work today
  • Erin Howard (Director of Latino Outreach and Services, Bluegrass Comm. & Tech. College) on immigrant rights and the basics on how to be a good ally
  • Tiera Mason (Chief Diversity Officer at Georgetown College) is sponsoring the Tiger Pride hip-hop and step group performance (led by DaKeya Burnam) on Thursday evening
  • Ryan Maxwell (attorney for The Institute for Compassion in Justice) together with attorneys and UK Law students will offer a simulation/roleplay experience as readers theatre on the rights of children  to counsel and 14th Amendment Due Process of Law in our juvenile courts
  • Wendy Leo Moore (Sociology, Texas A&M) and Joyce M. Bell (Sociology, U of Minnesota) will keynote on Friday night  for both MOSAIIC and Come Together Kentucky - these two sociologists work on issues regarding racism and the First Amendment and will speak on issues specifically regarding diversity discourse in educational institutions.
  • Edward W. Morris (Sociology, UK) and Brea Perry (Sociology, Indiana U Bloomington) whose latest research on racial disproportionality and disparities in school discipline has also looked most closely at issues of gender.
  • Kerby Neill (Central KY Council for Peace and Justice) will lead an introductory level discussion about the concept and practice of non-violence
  • Ranym Nenneh (UK undergraduate student) will present information from the UN and World Economic Forum as well as her own personal experiences with family and friends in Damascus, Syria and lead a discussion about the struggles of Syrians and Syrian refugees as well as her work in political and social resistance in eradicating discrimination and promoting diversity.
  • Jillian Pyatte, UK Civic Engagement, on basic public speaking in community-based, service-learning work
  • Kathleen Sheppard-Jones (Director, UK Human Development Institute) will present on improving transition outcomes for students with disabilities and lead a discussion on the concept of entitlement vs. eligibility as students age out of education
  • Todd Stoltzfus (UK Civic Engagement) on new initiatives in civic engagement at UK and beyond with discussion about what is successful for higher education and their community partners - and what is not
  • DeBraun Thomas (KFTC and Take Back Cheapside) on the art and craftsmanship of successful activism
  • Gabriel Tomlin (president of UK student organization, Poetic Justice) will coordinate the performances of members from Poetic Justice on Thursday evening and open the floor for discussion around the content of the poems, what inspired their creation, and the role that the arts play in the greater context of our democratic society. 
  • Hunter Williams (Director of Campus & Community Engagement, Transylvania University) and Alexa Quiroz (Student Volunteer Team Coordinator) on the mission of Transy's Student Volunteer Team program as well as successes/failures
  • Thomas Wilson (advisor for FCPS Henry Clay High School's Latino Student Association) and his students will be offering an interactive session on the history of culture in Latin America together with a creative performance of dance, highlighting salsa, merengue and bachata

MOSAIIC Co-Sponsors this year: Berea College, Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Centre College, Eastern Kentucky University, Georgetown College, Kentucky State University, Transylvania University, Fayette County Race Community & Child Welfare-Disproportionate Minority Contact community group, and the following units at the University  of Kentucky – Provost’s Office of Academic Excellence, President’s Office, Office of Institutional Diversity; College of Arts & Sciences “Passport to the World” Theme Year (Keys to our Common Future: Year of Civics and Citizenship in the 21st Century); Department of African American & Africana Studies; and, Department of Gender & Women Studies.

MOSAIIC started in 2007 with the leadership of Charlene Walker of Bluegrass Community & Technical College and the late Dr. William Parker, formerly at the University of Kentucky. 

Central Kentucky Diversity ConsortiumSince 2014, the MOSAIIC Conference has been co-designed, funded and sponsored by the Central Kentucky Diversity Consortium - this group has included:

  • Berea College (Monica Jones & Alicestyne Turley)
  • Bluegrass Community & Technical College (Charlene Walker)
  • Centre College (Rodmon King)
  • Centro Latino
  • Eastern Kentucky University (Timothy Forde & Paula Hansford)
  • Georgetown College (Tiera Mason)
  • Kentucky Latino Education Alliance (KLEA)
  • Kentucky State University (Chris Cribbs, Sonia Sanders & Rick Smith)
  • Transylvania University (Holley Sheilley)
  • University of Kentucky (Randolph Hollingsworth, David Luke & Lance Poston)

These collaborative efforts have built relationships, launched programs and provided an exciting time for candid dialogs on diversity and inclusion.

For information about the 2017 MOSAIIC planning, contact Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth, Provost's Office for Academic Excellence ( For general information about MOSAIIC, please contact the founder, Charlene Walker, Vice President for Multiculturalism & Inclusion, Bluegrass Community & Technical College (

“Standing still is never an option so long as inequities remain embedded in the very fabric of the culture.”
― Tim WiseColorblind: The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity

Past conferences organized by the Central Kentucky Diversity Consortium:

  • December 4-5, 2014, at the Lyric Theatre in Lexington: “The Lynching of Resurrected Jim Crow: the Problems and Solutions.” Featuring many local experts on diversity and inclusion as well as the nationally renowned scholar, speaker and author of Between Barack and a Hard Place, Tim Wise.
  • April 5-8, 2016, at Berea College in Berea: "Dialogue on Race and Education in the 21st Century." Featuring Dr. bell hooks of Berea College, Dr. Peggy McIntosh of Wellesley Centers for Women, Dr. Saida Grundy of Boston University, and Tim Wise.  See the conference details here on the Bluegrass Blade blog.
  • November 3-4, 2016, at the Research and Demonstration Farm, Kentucky State University in Frankfort: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Deterring Communications of Hate." Featuring on Thursday a community activist and educator panel with Tonya Torp, Trevor Claiborn, Jesus Gonzalez, Devine Carama; and on Friday the keynoter was Dr. Dorothy Yancy, former Johnson C. Smith University President (co-sponsored by the Northwest Region of the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education).

UK President Capilouto's message "Our Values are Clear"