Curricular Proposals

Curricular Proposals for Undergraduate Council

All proposals submitted to Undergraduate Council (UG) must have been approved at the College level prior to submission. Additionally, the proposals should be sent to UG Council from the appropriate College Contact. Most all proposals will be submitted via Curriculog (replacement for eCATS). Use this enterprise system to fill out, submit, and approve requests for new, change and drop course requests. Please visit to access the Curriculog training guide. You will be prompted for your UKlinkblue username and password to access this guide.

Once the College Dean has signed off on the proposal, the completed application will be sent electronically, to:

Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life
c/o Joanie Ett-Mims (
230 McVey Hall
CAMPUS Speed Sort 0045

Each proposal must consist of the appropriate University Senate form and a Routing Log which can be found on the Senate Forms page. The Routing Log must still have the required information on it from each level of approval, but there is no longer a requirement for signatures. PDF signatures often lock the proposals causing problems, so, please, do not sign the forms electronically.


All new course and major course change proposals must also have a syllabus included that meets University Senate Syllabus Guidelines. The Senate's Syllabus Template (download the .docx file here) provides some standard, boilerplate language for syllabi based on Senate Syllabus Guidelines. Another good resource is the Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching - see their webpage on good practices in writing syllabi. Feel free to cut and paste from the syllabus template since some language is required by the University Faculty for all UK syllabi.

Programs and Undergraduate Certificates

The forms for any new program or changes at the baccalaureate degree level can be found on the Senate Forms page. The Senate's helpful guide about the forms should be reviewed first.

If a new dual credit program partnership is being proposed, the UK courses involved need also to be approved by Undergraduate Council for a change to "dual credit" status explaining how the UK courses will relate to the graduation requirements for students in the partner high school(s). See more on this at the website describing Dual Credit Programs at UK. After a Dual Credit agreement has been reviewed and approved by Senate, any newly proposed UK courses to be added to the program (if already existing as courses at UK) need only be approved by Undergraduate Council. Any UK courses to be added to the dual credit program that are not yet created need first to be approved by Senate before requesting that they be added to the dual credit program.

An Undergraduate Certificate at UK is a group of courses chosen to enhance a student's baccalaureate degree with a specified skill or set of knowledge that will enhance student success after graduation. Each certificate program has a designated faculty director and a list of Faculty of Record that is regularly consulted for any changes in the program requirements. In the fifth year, the certificate faculty director must present a report on the program to the Dean of the College in which the certificate is housed and to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. The list of existing undergraduate certificates is available on the UGE website. See more on the Senate website about the requirements for Undergraduate Certificates. The form for proposing a new certificate is available on the Senate Forms website (you can download the .docx form here).

Curricular Proposals for UK Core

If a course proposal is to count for UK Core requirements, it must be submitted directly to the General Education Oversight Committee for approval prior to being reviewed by the Undergraduate Council. Use the forms that are designed specifically for UK Core proposals. Please refer to the UK Core website for more information on how to submit a course proposal.