Student Account Holds

Below are the various holds you may have on your account and what action is required to lift them.

Generally all students will need to complete their address confirmations and update their UK Alert preferences each semester. You will be prompted to complete these links before you can register if required. 


Advisor Hold

  • Newly admitted students: this hold will be lifted at your "see blue." U Orientation
  • All other students: this hold will be lifted after you contact your advisor to discuss your class schedule for this term
Academic Offense Suspension Hold 

Academic Offense Suspension Hold - Contact Registrar at (859) 257-7157

Academic Prep - Math

Academic Preparation Math Hold - Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions.

Academic Prep - Eng/Writ

Academic Preparation Eng/Writing Hold - please contact your academic advisor, if you have questions.

Academic Prep - Reading

Academic Preparation Reading Hold - please contact your academic advisor, if you have questions.

Acad Probation

Academic Probation Hold - Contact your Academic Advisor.

Athletic Hold  Please contact your CATS advisor at (859) 257-8792.
B E Suspension Hold  Contact Dean's Office of your college.
Check-in Hold for Admitted Internat'l Student  Please Call Call (859) 323-2121

Hlth Sciences Adm Hold

College of Health Sciences Admission Hold - Call (859) 218-0473

Col Nursing Immunization

College of Nursing Immunization Hold - Please contact Mary Jane Lesshafft or (859) 323-6174

Dean of Students Hold

  • Dean of Students Disciplinary Hold - Call 257-3755
  • First Suspension Hold - Contact the Dean's Office of your college
  • Final Suspension Hold - Contact the Dean's Office of your college

Graduate Admission Hold

Graduate Admission Hold - Call (859) 257-9390

Haven Hold

Haven Training Incomplete; go to

C.A.T.S. Hold

C.A.T.S. #seesafety Incomplete: questions see

Univ Hlth Svcs Acct Hold

University Health Services Past Due Account Hold - Call (859) 218-3204

Athletics Interest Survey

Athletics Interest Survey incomplete. If questions, email

Install Pay Plan Ineligib

Student not eligible to participate in the Installment Payment Plan, contact (859) 257-3406

KY Dept of Revenue

  • KY Dept of Revenue Collection - please call (859) 257-3406
  • Past Due Student Account - view balance online or call (859)257-3406

Media Ctr Equipment Hold

Media Center Equipment Hold - Call 859 257-4739 Matthew Gilley, Media Center

Rqd Grad Student Training

Stu Acct Ext Collection

Student Account External Collection - please call (859) 257-3406

Stu Acct Payment Plan

Student Account Internal Payment Plan - please call (859) 257-3406

Student Loan Past Due

Student Loan Past Due - Call (859) 257-3406

Parking Citation Hold

Unpaid Parking Fees/Fines Hold - Call (859) 257-5757

Young Library Hold

Young Library Hold - Call (859) 218-2025

Col of Design Studio Keys

Col of Design Studio Keys Hold - Call 257-7617.

Agricul Equip or Camp Fee

College of Agriculture Hold for Equip or Camp Fee - call (859) 257-3468

Engineering Suspension

College of Engineering Suspension Hold - Questions, Call (859) 257-7978

Community of Concern Hold

Community of Concern, Questions, please call (859) 257-3755

ENG Technology Loan Hold

Contact the College of Engineering (859) 257-7978

Title IX Hold

Contact the Title IX Deputy Coordinator at (859) 257-8927

C&I Faculty Advisor Hold

Contact your Communication & Information Faculty Advisor

Dean of Students Disciplinary Suspension Hold 

Dean of Students Disciplinary Suspension Hold - Call (859) 257-3755

ESL Proficiency

ESL Proficiency Hold - Please contact your Academic Advisor

Fraternity/Sorority Hold 

Fraternity/Sorority Hold - Call (859) 257-3151

Health Sciences Suspension Hold  Contact Dean's Office of your college

Immunization Hold

University Health Services Immunization Hold - Call 323-5823 ext. 83204

Health Services - TB Hold

For questions, contact University Health Services - International Student Information

Honors Progression Hold

Honors Progression Hold - Contact your Honors advisor

Housing Hold

Housing Apartments Hold - Call (859) 257-3721

Law Library Hold

Law Library Hold - Call (859) 257-8359

Uniform Hold

MS Uniforms Hold - Call (859) 257-3847

Registrar Hold

Registrar Hold - Call (859) 257-3161

Band Hold

UK Band Department Hold - Call (859) 257-2263