Information for Parents or Guardians

The Code of Student Conduct at the University of Kentucky is established to promote and protect the core mission and values of the University.  The student conduct process is designed to be a learning experience that facilitates student engagement in responsible conduct and models positive citizenship among both the University and greater community.  By maintaining a Code of Student Conduct, the University affirms the rights, protections, responsibilities, and expectations of students regarding their behavior as part of the academic community.


Incidents regarding academic misconduct, such as incidents of cheating and plagiarism are guided by the Office of Academic Ombud Services. See S.R. 6.3.0 for the Senate Rules regarding academic misconduct.


Incidents regarding non-academic misconduct, such as alcohol and controlled substance use, noise/disturbances in the community, and behaviors in the residence halls, are guided by the Code of Student Conduct.  The Code contains information regarding specific policies and procedures to manage non-academic concerns.


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