The University of Kentucky (UK) is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, student-centered, and inclusive community.  UK strives to create an environment where students can engage in academic inquiry and campus life.  The student conduct process supports UK’s goals by:

  • Promoting personal responsibility and peer accountability;
  • Encouraging Students to consider the impact of their actions on themselves, their peers, and larger UK Community;
  • Empowering Students to address any conflict that may arise in a safe, respectful, and socially conscious manner;
  • Collaborating with Employees, Students, and the UK Community with regard to student conduct matters; and
  • Educating the UK Community about student rights and responsibilities related to the Code.

The student conduct process helps Students learn, mature, and develop greater self-awareness while balancing the needs of the UK community.  When student behavior does not model UK’s values, the student conduct process is used to uphold the standards of UK.


The Code of Student Conduct (Code) promotes the core values of the UK, including integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, and sense of community.  In doing so, the Code puts into practice the UK Creed.

  • I promise to strive for academic excellence and freedom by promoting an environment of creativity and discovery.
  • I promise to pursue all endeavors with integrity and compete with honesty.
  • I promise to embrace diversity and inclusion and to respect the dignity and humanity of others.
  • I promise to contribute to my University and community through leadership and service.
  • I promise to fulfill my commitments and remain accountable to others.

Through the Code, UK affirms the rights and responsibilities of Students as part of the UK Community.