Rights of Students and Registered Student Organizations Involved in the Student Conduct Process

  1. To be treated fairly in the student conduct process.
  2. For Respondents, to be provided written notice of any allegation or formal charge of the misconduct, as well as a description of the alleged misconduct.
  3. For Respondents, to be presumed not responsible for a violation until determined otherwise. The burden of proving a violation of the Code is on UK.
  4. To review the information contained in the Student Conduct Report, with all personally identifying information of other Students removed (if appropriate), in advance of a meeting or hearing. 
  5. To have access to the recording of a hearing in which the Student is the Respondent or Complaining Witness.
  6. To present relevant information verbally or in writing on their behalf.
  7. To have up to two (2) Support Persons present at a meeting or hearing to provide emotional or other support.
  8. To know the identity of persons speaking or providing written information for a Hearing Board or UAB.
  9. To ask reasonable questions and challenge, either verbally or in writing, the allegation(s), formal charge(s), or information provided during a student conduct meeting.
  10. To not speak or answer any question during a student conduct meeting.  Refusal to do so is not considered admitting responsibility for an alleged violation.
  11. To request that a member of a Hearing Board be removed from the hearing based on a conflict of interest or bias. 
  12. To provide an impact statement(s) for consideration during the restorative action phase of a formal hearing or during a restorative conference.
  13. For Respondents, to appeal any decision of the Hearing Board to the UAB pursuant to certain sections of this Code.