Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct includes any activity that violates Administrative Regulation 6:2, Policy on Sexual Assault, Stalking, Dating Violence, and Domestic Violence.  Allegations of sexual misconduct are managed under the procedures contained in AR 6:2.  

UK expects and requires Students who initiate sexual activity to acquire affirmative consent before engaging in said activity.  UK defines affirmative consent as a clear and voluntary expression of willingness, permission, or agreement to engage in specific sexual activity.  Each person involved in the sexual activity is responsible for obtaining affirmative consent of the other to engage in the sexual activity.  Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no;” a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary.  Consent cannot be granted by an individual who:

  1. Is unable to respond due to alcohol, any drug, or intoxicant use;
  2. Has been compelled by force or threat of force;
  3. Is unaware that the act is being committed;
  4. Is impaired because of a mental or physical condition;
  5. Is coerced by supervisory or disciplinary authority; or
  6. Is less than the statutory age of consent.