K Week

August 13 - 16, 2020

Welcome Wildcats!

The University of Kentucky is excited to welcome you to campus for K Week, which is known as the best way to get started at UK! Of course, this K Week will be a unique one in the midst of a global pandemic, but we have worked tirelessly to create a welcoming experience that you can look forward to taking part in.

As the second step in the orientation process, all new undergraduate students – both freshmen and transfers – are expected to participate in K Week. There are a few key events for all new students, including the New Student Induction Ceremony, K Team gatherings, and college meetings. Beyond those, there are many, many more events that you can pick and choose from based on your own interests and needs. A schedule of events is currently being developed and will be posted online in August.

Attendance at K Week events is important, and to ensure you have the opportunity to participate, we will offer in-person and virtual options. Attendance will be taken at several K Week events, so be sure to have your Event Pass ready.

K Week is one of the biggest traditions on campus, and we encourage you to take full advantage of it. You get out what you put in, so be confident and take that first step! Learn more by watching the below video of K Week 2017 and check out these frequently asked questions.

If you have questions about what the fall semester at UK will look like, visit www.uky.edu/fall2020 for more information. 


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