Student Leadership

K Week Board

The K Week Board is a group of student leaders who work year-round to help with K Week. Each K Week Board member works on a committee to select K Crew, design a leadership training program, and market K Week to incoming students. K Week Board members also head up their own Leadership Team, taking responsibility for mentoring and preparing K Crew for K Week.

To be on the K Week Board, students must have previously served on K Crew. Applications for K Week Board are available in the fall. If you have served as a K Crew member and are interested in joining the K Week Board, email or talk to your K Week Board leader.

K Week Board Committees

K Crew Committee

The K Crew committee is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and selecting K Crew leaders.

Leadership Series Committee

The Leadership Series committee is responsible for the training and development of K Crew leaders. They create training curriculum, facilitate workshops, and assess the Leadership Series program.

K Week Events Committee

The K Week Events committee is responsible for providing feedback on major K Week events and encouraging student organizations to host their own K Week events. They also assist in the execution of various events throughout the school year.


K Crew

K Crew is a group of current UK students who are selected and trained to welcome and mentor new students to campus during K Week. Each of the 200+ K Crew members leads a group of new students, also known as a K Team, through their first week at UK - helping them connect with other students and the university.

Applications for K Crew are available each February. If you'd like more information about becoming a K Crew leader, please email