Know Your Options

Our Lexington community tells us that the best tenants are those who have lived on campus at least their first two years; therefore, the University of Kentucky strongly recommends that all freshmen and sophomores live on campus. There are some great options for on-campus living no matter if you are a first-year student, returning student, transfer student, or a graduate student with a family.

Residence Halls  - For less than the cost of living off campus, undergraduate students can live in a state-of-the-art residence hall with all the amenities.

Boyd Hall - Students who are looking for a residence hall that is designated exclusively for non-freshman undergraduate students may want to try Boyd Hall.

University Flats - Students who are looking for furnished apartment-style housing that does not require the purchase a meal plan may want to check out University Flats, which is available for undergraduate and graduate and family housing.

Graduate and Family Housing - University Graduate & Family Housing strives to provide a safe, healthful, well maintained, clean, and accessible living and learning environment at a reasonable price for full-time student families, full-time single graduate and doctoral students, and full-time non-traditional students as space permits.


Before You Sign

Before you decide to sign a lease/contract with an off-campus property/apartment, make sure that you have done your research and asked all of the right questions:

  • Who is the landlord or property manager?
  • Is it a privately-owned property or corporate?
  • Is there an onsite or local office where you can speak directly to the landlord or property manager?
  • Does the landlord or property manager have an emergency/after-hours phone number separate from the daytime phone number?
  • Check out this helpful list of “100+ Questions to Ask” by

You will need to be fully aware of all aspects of your new rental. Be sure that you:

Know Your Budget

Know Your Rights

Know You’re Safe

Know Your Community

Know Your Resources