Know Your Resources

Between Classes

As a student who travels to and from campus, it is sometimes hard to find a place to hang out between classes. Here are a few resources that you might want to check out.

What to Eat

If you are an off-campus student who plans to be on campus all day or study with friends on campus at night, you will get hungry. UK has a number of great options to satisfy your appetite.


What to Do

There is always something to do on campus and in Lexington! Check out these event calendars to find your next adventure.


Registered Student Organizations and Off-Campus Student Association

Were you involved in sports in high school and want to keep the flame alive? Do you want to find others who share your same passion for the arts or politics? Have you found a faith-based group or a place to serve the community? These are just a few of the opportunities that exist by becoming involved with a student organization on campus. Please visit BBNvolved to search organizations.

The Off-Campus Student Association is dedicated to helping all students living off campus to build connections within the campus and Lexington community. Through planning social events and providing a platform for students to discuss off-campus specific issues and related topics, the OCSA works to enhance the off-campus student experience! If you are interested in learning more about the OCSA, look them up on BBNvolved or email