Know You're Safe

Safety is the biggest concern for students living in off-campus apartments or houses; in particular, many people are heavily focused on security breaches and life safety hazards. While all of us are responsible for our own safety, students living off campus cannot rely solely on the university to ensure their safety and security. The safety of our students is a priority for UK.

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Crime Awareness

Living in a city can offer residents tremendous opportunities and resources but can also provide some challenges regarding personal safety. Just as in any city, residents of Lexington should take precautions to ensure their safety.

Visit the Lexington Crime Map to see what type of crime is occurring in the neighborhood you are considering living in, and check out these personal safety tips from UK Crisis Management and Preparedness.

Additional crime awareness resources:

UK Police Department Daily Crime Log
UK’s Annual Campus Safety and Security Report
UK’s Fire Logs and Reports


Safety Alerts

UK students, families, faculty, and staff have several ways of staying alert to issues on campus and in the Lexington community.

To get the most up-to-date UK emergency information, check out these resources:

For Lexington emergency information, check out these resources:

Reporting Safety Issues

On Campus

  • To reach UK Police in an emergency, call 911 from any campus landline or dial #UKPD from any mobile phone.
  • UK LiveSafe app
  • Call 859-257-8573 to reach UK Police in non-emergency situations.
  • Contact the Student Government Safety Director to report safety concerns such as poor lighting, overgrown brush, sidewalks, etc.

Off Campus

  • Call 911 in an emergency to reach local police.
  • Report anonymous tips through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at 1-877-970-2020 or Text-a-Tip.
  • Call 1-866-393-6659 (1-866-EYE-ONKY)

Fire Preparedness

Fire prevention is vitally important in off-campus living situations. Fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems are routinely checked and tested in university residence halls. Such care is often not as routine in off-campus locations, especially when renting in a private residence. Many apartment communities (especially the newer ones) have fire suppression sprinkler systems while other rental properties (especially private residences) do not. Check with the owner/landlord or building manager for information regarding the fire prevention system and evacuation plan for your building BEFORE you sign a lease.

Potential fuel for fire can be limited by good housekeeping practices. All clothing, paper, and other combustibles should be stored away from sources of ignition such as open flames, matches, and heated objects. Cigarettes and matches are major causes of fire, as are stoves and candles. Play it safe with any potential ignition source.

Be certain that your living unit has a fire extinguisher mounted in a readily accessible place. If you have a kitchen, the extinguisher should be mounted near the kitchen entrance. Also, make certain that you have functioning smoke alarms in the unit. Smoke may be the first warning of a fire, and smoke kills more people than heat in building fires.

The Lexington Fire Department has a more extensive explanation of fire safety in apartments, as well as fire safety checklists for both tenants and landlords.


Safety and Violence Prevention/Intervention Resources

Celebrate Like a Champion

UK has the privilege of hosting some of the most successful athletics teams in the country. On game days (and non-game days!), it is important for all students and community members to celebrate responsibly. Here are some things you will need to know if you are planning a party off-campus: