Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Parent and Family Association?
    The UK Parent and Family Association offers you the best way to stay informed, get connected, and find support for you and your student. All parents, guardians, grandparents, stepparents, and family members of UK undergraduate students are invited to join the FREE UK Parent and Family Association, which strives to enhance student success by actively engaging parents and families as part of the larger university community through publications, programs, and services. Join the UK Parent and Family Association at
  2. What do I get for being a member of the UK Parent and Family Association?

    To support UK parents and families (and ultimately, our students), we offer:

    1. Cat Chat email newsletter, our most popular service, sent 2-3 times a month during the school year

    2. Special events such as Family Weekend

    3. Parent and Family Association websiteFacebook pageTwitter page, and Instagram

    4. Support from the Parent and Family Association staff

    5. Special goodies, including a Parent and Family Association bag, for parents and family members who sign up in person on campus at events like Big Blue Nation Orientation and K Week

    6. Parent Advisory Council, a volunteer group of approximately 35 UK family members

  3. Do I have to pay to become a member?
    No, the UK Parent and Family Association is free!
  4. How do I become a member of the Parent and Family Association?
    Activate your free membership by completing the online form at
  5. How do I update my contact information or unsubscribe from Cat Chat?
    To unsubscribe or update your information, click the "Email Preferences" at the bottom of our Cat Chat email newsletter.
  6. If I call or email the Parent and Family Association with a question, who will I get to communicate with?
    When you call or email the Parent and Family Association, you will reach NickiNancy, or another one of our outstanding student or professional staff members. We will be happy to help you find the answers to any questions you may have.
  7. How do I get more involved with the Parent and Family Association?
    If you are interested in becoming more involved, please consider joining the Parent Advisory Council.
  8. Who should I contact if I have concerns about a UK student?
    Concerns regarding students can be reported to our Center for Support and Intervention staff at, and potential violations of the Code of Student Conduct can be reported to the University's Office of Student Conduct at
    Imminent concerns about safety should be referred to the University Police Department at 859-257-UKPD (8573).  
  9. Why do I receive requests to fill out surveys after events and at the end of the school year?
    The Parent and Family Association is always trying to improve and provide the best resources and services for parents and families. In order to do that, we need your help. That is where the surveys come in. We use the information that we gather through surveys to better inform our programs and events and learn about the needs of students, parents, and families at UK.