Letters from Home

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Submit a Letter from Home HERE!

The UK Parent and Family Association offers Letters from Home as a way for parents, family members, and friends to connect with your students during times of transition in college. Letters from Home invites you to write letters to your University of Kentucky students through an online form to give them some encouragement during the first few weeks of classes. Once your online form has been submitted, we will print it as a letter and mail it to your student, either on or off-campus, a few weeks into the fall semester.

Letters will be accepted Monday, August 3, 2020 through Sunday, August 16, 2020. Once letters have been mailed, you will be sent an email notification. It may take up to a week after mailing for your student to receive their letter. Please be patient as the Parent and Family Association, prints, stuffs, and mails thousands of Letters from Home by hand each year and cannot guarantee that letters will arrive on a specific date.

Even if you do not participate in Letters from Home, we encourage you to send your student a letter, postcard, or care package to let them know you are thinking about them as they are starting a new school year at UK. If you would like to send a letter or package to your student in a residence hall, you can find their mailing address by searching for their residence hall website.