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UK 101/201 is the university’s academic orientation course. With 135 sections in the fall semester, it is one of the largest classes on campus… but that doesn’t mean you’ll be in a crowd.  Our classes remain small with 20-28 students in each section. In fall 2017, we had 52.8% of the first-year class enroll in the course. We find that those students who take the course have a higher first semester GPA and are more likely to return for their sophomore year than those who do not enroll in UK 101/201. Our latest data tells us that students who took UK 101 in fall 2016 had a first semester GPA of 3.12 and those who did not take UK 101 had a first semester GPA of 3.05.
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What will I learn in UK 101/201?

UK 101/201 is tailored to you! UK 101 is for first-time college students who are new to college life, and UK 201 is for our transfer students who have prior college experience but are new to the University of Kentucky! The main goal is to help new students transition to university life. We do this by covering topics that are relevant to your time during your first semester here at UK. We will have conversations about academic expectations, how to interact with professors, and how to study well. We will help connect you to campus resources and student involvement opportunities and keep you informed about what is happening on campus! We will talk about important issues related to your personal wellness including how to manage your stress and money as well as responsible decision-making. Everything has the ultimate goal of making you a successful student at the University of Kentucky!  

Who will be teaching my UK 101/201 course?

Faculty and professional staff members serve as instructors for the course; one of the best parts about UK 101/201 is having a student peer instructor helping to teach your class! Peer instructors are current UK students who can give you insider knowledge about what it is like to be a student at the University of Kentucky.  

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Population-specific course sections

We offer a variety of different sections for students! If you are a new transfer student, you will want to sign up for UK 201.  If you are a first-time college student, UK 101 is for you! Many colleges or majors host specific UK 101 classes. You will discuss the same curriculum as other 101 classes, but you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about how to be an effective student in that particular program, major, or college. You will also get to know students who are in your same program or college. Specific sections for fall 2018 include:

Be sure to look through the Fall 2018 Catalog in myUK for the various options available.

How do I register?

You can register for UK 101/201 whenever you register for your first semester of classes! We strongly encourage you to add it during your “see blue.”  U orientation to get the best availability for your schedule.

What do students say about UK 101/201?

“I learned that some resources did much more than I originally thought and they are helpful beyond belief.”

It was nice having someone you could ask silly questions only new students have.”

“I think that the class as a whole is helpful because, as a freshman, I don't know a lot about UK. This class showed me the ropes and made me feel more comfortable.”

“UK 101 helped me to learn a lot about the campus. I learned about resources that would be applicable to many of my future academic endeavors. I learned how to build up my future financially and prepare for the rest of my adulthood. It’s helpful that the teacher and peer instructor are really personable and understanding.”

Being an incoming freshman, the University can be overwhelming. This course not only gave me some tips and resources I may have otherwise not known were available to me, but I also met a lot of people taking the same classes as me and that have the same long-term goal. This helped me feel a lot better about being at UK and feel like I know what I was doing.”

“(My instructor) was very open and friendly with us; he understood that we are all overwhelmed freshmen just trying to learn what to do to make college a little easier and he always made sure we knew he was a resource for us not just for course content but for any questions we had.”

“Getting perspective from the peer instructor on ways to email, approach, and talk to professors was very helpful. It helped calmed me down in the sense that me freaking out or not doing as well on an exam was not the end of the world. Hearing stories and tricks was also comforting. The professors are so understanding and helpful. My professor often stayed after with me and talked to me about life, my fears for the semester, and much more–very sweet.”