Peer Instructors

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Our UK 101/201 Peer Instructors are a vital component of the course. Serving as a co-instructor alongside the faculty or staff instructor, student peer instructors are excellent role models for our new students. Peer instructors are expected to facilitate class sessions, interact with students during in-class and out-of-class activities, and attend training opportunities. Learn more about some of our current peer instructors >>

The Benefits of Serving as a Peer Instructor

  • Develop practical leadership skills such as time management, public speaking, teaching experience, and much more
  • Join a network of more than 100 other student leaders on campus
  • Gain a mentor by co-teaching with a professional staff or faculty member
  • If you choose, receive academic/internship credit
  • Receive great incentives such as shirts, pullovers, and Plus Account money to help support your class
  • And of course, make a difference to a group of new students on campus!

Position Description and Deadlines

Peer instructors are selected during the spring semester and serve the following fall semester.  

Selection Criteria

  • We look for students with a proven academic track record. A cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher is strongly preferred.
  • We look for students who are involved on campus and can share with new students the process of getting involved on campus.
  • We look for students who are good social role models.
  • We look for friendly students who can connect with a variety of personalities and backgrounds.
  • We look for students who are enthusiastic about UK and the UK 101/201 experience.
  • We evaluate your participation in the interview process.
  • We gauge your availability to teach courses in the fall semester.

Application Information

 The application for fall 2019 will be available February 1 through February 25 on BBNvolved.  Please click here to access the application.

Peer Liaisons

Peer Liaisons are the leadership team for UK 101/201 Peer Instructors. Liaisons are selected in November and serve for an entire academic year. They are responsible for assisting with instructor training, planning and leading peer instructor training, offering input on curriculum, and mentoring peer instructors.  

Each peer instructor will be assigned a peer liaison for the fall semester. Peer liaisons can help discuss any issues or share creative ideas for use in class. Peer liaisons must have taught UK 101/201 in a previous semester, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and have excellent student involvement on campus. If you are a current or former peer instructor and interested in this position, please reach out to our office at to discuss.