Materials Management

Using our purchasing power to promote sustainable, resilient economies and moving toward zero waste by reducing, reusing and recycling are two critical and connected components of sustainability in the University’s operations. Together these processes can be considered as materials management. Reducing the generation of waste decreases the flow of material to incinerators and landfills. These facilities produce greenhouse gas emissions, can contaminate air and groundwater supplies and may have disproportionate negative impacts on low-income communities. Human rights and working conditions can also be improved through purchasing protocols that prioritize human rights throughout the supply chain.


UK Recycling

UK Recycling is a service provided to the UK Campus, UK Healthcare and all UK off-campus facilities by the Campus Physical Plant. They coordinate all recycling efforts and partner on many other waste diversion initiatives. 



Phone: (859) 257-6234

In 2015, UK received a sliver rating from the AASHE STARS system. Below are the credits and our scores on waste diversion. 

OP-22: Waste Minimization 0.46/5.00

OP-23: Waste Diversion 0.75/3.00

OP-24: Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion 0.55/1.00