Pick It Up


Pick it Up is simple: Wildcats don't walk past litter, We pick it up.


Pick It Up is a multi-faceted campaign with a single goal: ELIMINATE LITTER ON THE CAMPUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. This campaign has been developed to support and recognize the outstanding work UK Grounds does on a daily basis.The program will embrace both top-down and grassroots initiatives to energize widespread efforts across the campus and throughout our organizational structure to achieve the goal of a litter free campus.



Thanks to all of our teams that sign-up to participate in UK's Adopt-A-Spot Campaign! Curious about which zone these groups chose? Take a look at the map below! Teams that participate in the Adopt-A-Spot effort will help keep campus beautiful and prevent litter from reaching local water ways by conducting at least three monthly cleanups throughout the spring semester. All participants will receive Pick It Up swag and prizes. Teams that sweep their zone in all 3 months will be invited to an exclusive Pick It Up celebration in April! 



For more information please contact Jennifer Taylor at jenniferdai14@uky.edu or 859-257-0014.