Is there a charge for peer tutoring in The Study?

  • Nope.  Peer tutoring is offered to all UK students free of charge.

Do I need an appointment?

  • Never.  Peer tutoring in The Study is offered on a walk-in basis, meaning that students can come as often as they want and no appointments are necessary. 

Where is The Study located?

  • Peer tutoring is offered in three locations— The Study Central at the Boone Center on central campus; The Study North on the bottom floor of Jewell Hall on north campus; and The Study South in the large classroom of Pigman Hall.

What is the difference between The Study's locations?

  • All of The Study's locations offer free, drop-in peer tutoring.  Though the spaces look different, they offer the same service—The Peer Tutoring Program.  The main difference between The Study Central, The Study North, and The Study South is the schedule.  Please check our schedule page for information about when each location is open and offering tutoring for your courses.

What is peer tutoring?

  • Put very simply, peer tutoring is students helping students.  Peer tutors are undergraduate students who work with fellow students individually and in small groups to understand concepts and complete assignments.  Peer Tutors don’t give answers or lectures—they are there as a support and a resource.  Peers make great tutors for many reasons, but one of the most important is that they remember which parts of concepts were tricky and they also remember the tips and strategies they used to master course content. 

How does peer tutoring work?

  • When you arrive at The Study, sign in at one of the touchscreen monitors with your student ID. You will be greeted by a student Desk Attendant who you can ask where your subject is located, or you can navigate the space using the navy and green subject signs posted on the walls and on tables. When you sit down at a table, a Peer Tutor will greet you and ask you what you are working on and how he or she can help. Peer Tutors are easy to spot, just look for their green shirts with “Staff” printed on the back. After that, you can expect to work with Peer Tutors as well as independently and with classmates.  When working independently or in groups, raising your hand is the best way to signal to Peer Tutors that you would like to speak with them. Once you’re settled in, ask as many or few questions as you want.  The relaxed yet energetic atmosphere makes for a great place to study and learn.

What can I expect when I come for peer tutoring?

  • Expect to better understand course material.  Though getting the right answers to homework problems or review sheets means you are on the right track, Peer Tutors are trained to help clarify concepts, not give answers.  Expect to work collaboratively.  Students work through course materials with classmates and Peer Tutors, gaining deeper understandings of key skills and concepts.  Expect to share what you know with peers.  The Peer Tutors are only one source of help; we encourage you to help your neighbors as they work to understand material you’ve mastered.  Likewise, expect to receive guidance from classmates.  The environment is truly collaborative, and Peer Tutors often encourage students to work together. 

Does The Study help with written assignments or Lab Reports?

  • Peer Tutors at The Study are able to assist with concepts and subject specific questions. However, tutors are not trained to assist with written assignments or lab reports.  Students wanting assistance with these assignments can access Presentation U Speaking and Writing Center or a department learning center.  For a complete list of tutoring resources available on campus click HERE

Who uses the Peer Tutoring Program?

  • All UK students are welcome and encouraged to visit The Study.  Peer tutoring at The Study is an excellent resource for students who want a collaborative environment in which to complete assignments and study.  Peer tutoring is also helpful to students who want help with difficult coursework.

Why should I come to peer tutoring?

  • Many students like to visit The Study to do homework in an energetic environment.  Others visit to have concepts clarified.  Reviewing for tests is another common reason for visiting.  Our assessment shows that students who access peer tutoring earn higher grades than those who do not and are more likely to graduate from UK. 

When is tutoring available?

  • The Study North @ Jewell Hall

    • Monday-Thursday: 2-10 p.m.

  • The Study Central @ the Boone Center

    • Monday-Thursday: 2-10 p.m.

  • The Study South @ Pigman Hall

    • Sunday-Thursday: 4-10 p.m.

Always check the schedule to see subject-specific offerings.

Is peer tutoring for each subject available all the time at all locations?

  • Peer Tutors are scheduled strategically with the goal to meet the most needs of the most students. Please see schedule page for current peer tutoring offerings.  If you would like peer tutoring in a subject not currently offered or increased peer tutoring for a subject already offered, please complete our Subject Request Form

When is the best time to come to tutoring?

  • You are encouraged to come early and often, and you don’t need to be struggling in a course or have lots of questions to find peer tutoring useful.  Visit The Study on a regular basis before course material seems difficult, that way you stay ahead of the game.  Also, plan to visit well in advance of tests or assignment due dates to make sure you have plenty of time to work with Peer Tutors. Transformative Learning’s Peer Tutoring Program at The Study is designed to be a proactive, preventative approach to academic success. 

When is The Study busiest?

  • The Study gets busiest on evenings before tests or homework due dates, meaning Peer Tutors will be quickly circulating among students.  While you will still have opportunities to work with Peer Tutors, they will be working to serve many students at once.  If you would like more time with a Peer Tutor, be sure to visit The Study on the days and weeks leading up to your deadline.

The last time I came to peer tutoring, it was the night before a test/homework due date and the Peer Tutors were very busy.  Why weren't more Peer Tutors there?

  • All Peer Tutors are just that—peers.  They are college students with coursework, exams and commitments of their own. Transformative Learning creates a schedule for The Study at the beginning of each semester, insuring Peer Tutors a standard work week and students a standard schedule of availability of tutoring.  The Study's schedule is intended to serve students effectively over the course of the semester, not only on test days and homework due dates.

How are the Peer Tutors hired and trained?

  • Transformative Learning hires undergraduate students at UK to work as Peer Tutors.  Students seeking to become Peer Tutors must have at least a 3.0 GPA, an “A” or “B” in the course for which they want to provide tutoring, and must be recommended by a UK faculty member.  Peer Tutors are trained each August, the first step in their College Reading and Learning Association certification process.  They receive training on effective tutoring methods, like the Socratic Method and active listening.  They also learn about campus resources, effective study habits, and productive interpersonal communication skills. 

If I come to peer tutoring should I still attend class?

  • Absolutely!  Peer tutoring is not a substitute for course instruction.  Instead, peer tutoring is a supplement to lectures, recitation, labs, etc. 

What should I do or bring to a peer tutoring session to be prepared?

  • To provide the most effective and efficient peer tutoring sessions, Transformative Learning suggests that you read over your textbook and notes and work through as many of the assignments and reviews as you can.  Then come to any Study location to seek input from Peer Tutors, who will help to clarify concepts and hone skills.  You’ll also want to bring items you’ll need to work on assignments, like your laptop, calculator, notes, book, solutions manual, etc.

Can I come to The Study just to do my homework or study?

  • Definitely!  The Study provides an energy-filled, collaborative place to do homework and study.  All locations are also great places to meet classmates to work on assignments.  Peer tutors are available when you want their help; however, many students come and work on assignments simply to enjoy the energetic, academic atmosphere!

Why does peer tutoring work?

  • Peer tutoring is cost-effective and studies and scholarship consistently show that college students often seek help from peers before seeking help from professors.  Thus, it is the goal of Transformative Learning to make knowledgeable, helpful peers available to UK students free of charge.  Additionally, peer tutoring often happens in groups.  Students work through course materials together and with Peer Tutors.  The relaxed yet energetic atmosphere makes for a great place to study and learn.  No appointments are necessary; simply come by during tutoring hours.