The Study is now OPEN for the Fall 2022 Semester!

SI Leaders

SI leaders are undergraduate UK students who have earned a high grade in the course they support.  SI leaders attend lecture, take notes and communicate regularly with the professor.  SI Leaders are then responsible for facilitating regular study sessions that incorporate fun and collaborative group activities to engage students in challenging course material and concepts.

Meet the SI Leaders



ANA 109/110 SI Leader

Hello! My name is Louis and I am a sophomore within the College of Nursing. This will be my first year being the Supplemental Instructor for ANA 109/110 with Dr. Salmeron, and I am super excited to get started. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and having bonfires with my friends. I look forward to meeting everyone, and good luck with the semester! 



ANA 109/110 SI Leader

Hey!  My name is Michael and I am a sophomore nursing student.  I wanted to become an SI Leader because going to SI helped me do well in my classes, and I hope to do the same for pre-nursing majors in this course!  I hope to see you at my sessions.



BIO 148 SI Leader

Hi there!  My name is Artin (pronounced "Ar-teen"). I'm a junior here at UK, majoring in neuroscience (on the pre-med track) and minoring in biology and chemistry.  I'm the SI Leader for Dr. Osterhage and Dr. Herrig's BIO 148 sections, and I'm very much looking forward to hosting SI sessions and helping students succeed in the course.  One fun fact about me is that I'm a huge horror movie fanatic!



BIO 148 SI Leader

Hi all! My name is Katie and I am a biology major specializing in genetics, genomics, and bioformatics.  I am an SI Leader because I really loved BIO 148 when I took it as a student and want to help others also gain a love for it as well.



CHE 103 SI Leader

Hey all!  My name is Annie and I am a Communications Sciences and Disorders major with minors in Psychology and Neuroscience. I decided to become an SI Leader because I wanted to help people grow in chemistry and to become more confident learners in chemistry.  A fun fact about me is that I love to sing and do theater!



HIS 108/109 SI Leader

Hello! My name is Kiara and I am the SI Leader for HIS 108/109 with Dr. Summers. I am a Secondary Social Studies major with a minor in Anthropology. I became an SI Leader to help students succeed in history since this subject is not for everyone, but hopefully my love for the subject will make you love it too.  While I'm headed for teaching high school, I eventually would love to become a professor.  I am a cat person and will try to befriend any animal I see. Hopefully you will find my sessions to be helpful and I am looking forward to helping you succeed.



PS 101 SI Leader

My name is Zach (he/him) and I am a Junior studying Public Policy and Community & Leadership Development. I am the SI leader for Political Science 101, and I strive to ensure the successof all students by creating an inclusive learning environment that applies concepts learned in class to the real world.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about political science, and I hope that all the students that attend my sessions have fun! 



PSY 100 SI Leader

Bio coming soon!  



PSY 216 SI Leader

Hello! My name is Kacie and I am a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology. I chose to be an SI Leader because I wanted to see other students grow in the course and meet other psychology majors.  SI is a wonderful way for people to build community while strengthening knowledge on the content, and I was excited to facilitate that!