Testimonials"The Study was the extra push that I needed when I didn't understand my teachers or my TA. It is always good to hear or learn something a third or fourth time, and sometimes students can explain subject matter better, because they know how it is to be a student.”

“I liked the one on one experience. Even the environment enabled me to get a lot of homework done, because there was people near me working on homework as well; they shared my motivation.”

“I love The Study! This has been the best resource available here on campus! I don't know what I would do without it.”


“I honestly love The Study. Everyone is super inviting and friendly, it's a laid back environment where I feel like no question is ever stupid to ask. I've encouraged my friends to come with me and even with their doubt they end up loving it too. I've never been one to do tutoring but seeing how comfortable I have now become with what used to be my worst subject obviously something is being done right.”


“I struggled a lot with college math, and without one-on-one attention in class; it is difficult to receive help. The tutors at The Study helped review the math skills needed and patiently helped me to improve. I went from a D to a B!”


“Great experience, the tutors are great.  I see them across campus sometimes and they ask how I’m doing and how classes are going. They’re great!”


“I am very impressed with The Study and utilize it all the time for help in my classes. I have been coming to The Study for the past year and a half and always leave feeling better about my schoolwork.”