The Study is OPEN for Winter Intersession Virtual Tutoring!

The Study will open for Spring 2021 on Monday, February 1st and will offer in-person and virtual services.


Virtual SI Instructions

For Fall 2020 some SI sessions will be offered online via Zoom.


To join your Supplemental Instruction session virtually, follow the directions below:

1.  Choose your course from the list below:

ANA 109

BIO 148

CHE 103

COM 101

HIS 108

PSY 100 - Dr. Archer

PSY 100 - Dr. Friedrich

* NOTE: If you have never used Zoom on your computer before, you may be prompted to download the Zoom software.

2.  Complete the registration form with the required information then click "Register":


3. When prompted, click the "Sign in to Join" button:

4. Click "Sign in with SSO":

5. Enter "uky" as the company domain:

6. Sign in using your linkblue credentials:

For help with using Zoom, click here.