Media Resources

US Government

All works created by the US government are not subject to copyright under US law.  Be careful with the use of logos, seals and currency.  A page with more details about how to utilize government works can be seen here:


Google .GOV Search: A robust Google image search restricted to .GOV domains.  Verify that the image was created by an employee of the US Government before use. A collection of over 500,000 US Government images spanning a variety of topics.  This site has a simple interface but limited search capabilities.


National Park Service Multimedia Collection: 26,000 photos, 2300 videos, 510 sound and 160 webcam clips from the National Park Service.


National Park Service Historical Photo Collection: A selection of images form the National Park Service archive.


US Fish and Wildlife Service: Photo, video, audio, maps and document archive from the USFWS.


US Army Corps of Engineers:  Their digital library contains maps, photos, documents and video.


USDA Photo Gallery: High quality photos of US Agriculture organized by state.


US Antarctic Program: Thousands of photos of the Antarctic that are free for use.


US Department of Defense: High quality military photos.


US Navy: About 200,000 US Navy Photos.


NOAA Photo Library: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration photo library spanning centuries covering topics of weather, geography and space.


US Capitol Flickr Page: Links to the US capitol videos and Flickr page.  The collection contains over 2000 images that show the promotions, the building, its operations, as well as construction projects.


Whitehouse: Photo and video galleries from the Whitehouse.


National Archives: Historical document archive including the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It also includes landmark acts, speeches and patents.


National Human Genome Research Institute: Searchable database containing high quality photographs, graphics and video files related to genomic research.


National Institutes of Health: NIH photo galleries and a portal to other health related government media galleries.


US National Library of Medicine: About 200,000 historical medical images.


Bureau of Land Management Flickr: Flickr page of images from the BLM.


United States Geological Survey Multimedia Gallery: Aerial photographs, satellite images, maps and publications form the USGS.


US Geological Survey: Galleries of USGS graphics and volcanos.


NASA Landsat Image Gallery: Satellite imagery from 1972 to the present in clouding images from all seven Landsat satellites.  Portal to galleries from the Department of Energy’s laboratories.


Environmental Protection Agency Flickr Stream: EPA photo stream A collection of forestry images from various sources that have been released for educational use.


USDA Special Collections: Historical agricultural documents and images from the 1500s to the present.


NASA Historic image database: High quality images from NASA with historic significance.


NASA multimedia gallery: Main NASA media gallery with Astronomy and space exploration related photos.


NIST Image Gallery: National Institute of Standards and Technology image database


National Science Foundation; A collection of science related images and video.


US Mint: High quality images of US coins and medals.


Air Force:




Coast Guard:


Department of Defense:




National Guard:


Peace Corps:


State Department:  Portal to various State Department photo galleries including their Flickr Photo Stream.


US Customs and Border Protection:


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):


Department of Homeland Security: