Employee Core Parking

Permit Year: 2018-2019

General Info

Core permits provide a predictable parking option at a higher price point than a traditional employee intermediate parking permit. Transportation Services manages the number of permits issued for designated core parking areas to ensure that core permit holders will be able to find parking within their assigned lot, garage or area.

Core parking may be an ideal option for employees who come and go from campus throughout the day as a result of professional or personal obligations, or who arrive to campus during mid to late morning when proximate parking options become more scarce. The predictable nature of core parking also provides the permit holder with confidence that parking will be available in their assigned area at their desired arrival time, preventing the traditional inefficient searching for parking in a variety of first-come, first-served parking areas.


Employee permit eligibility is based upon employment classification. All regular full and part-time UK employees are generally eligible to apply for core permits. Additionally, most University contract employees, are eligible to apply.

The following specific classifications of employees are not eligible to apply for core parking permits:

  • STEPS temporary employees
  • Graduate and professional students including Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants


2018-2019 Monthly Price: $56
2018-2019 Annual Price: $672

Permits are valid July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Core parking is available on payroll deduction for most University of Kentucky employees. Core permits will only be sold on a 12-month basis.

Employees who no longer need or desire core parking during any portion of the year, may choose to return their permit and will be given a pro rata refund of any unused portion when the permit is returned to Transportation Services. However, they will lose their priority allotment and will be placed at the end of the waitlist if they wish to purchase core parking at a later date. Exceptions for sabbatical, family medical leave, or approved extended leave will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Parking Locations

Core parking renewal is available in the following locations for 2018-2019:

  • E7: Sports Center Garage (PS7) / Complex Drive
  • E2: Rose Street Garage (PS2)
  • E27: Press Avenue North Lot
  • E28: Prall Street Lot
  • E28: Seminary Loop
  • E31: Football Training Center Lot (restricted to UK Athletics due to controlled location of parking)

Parking Privileges and Control Hours

Employee core permits are issued for a specific parking garage, lot or area. Core permit holders may only park in their assigned core parking area and are not eligible to park in any other core or reserved parking area.

Employee core permits authorize the permit holder to “park down” in any employee intermediate or periphery parking area, in addition to their designated core area.

In general, most employee core parking areas are controlled for permits under the following control schedule:

Employee Core permit control hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 5am-5pm

    Any valid permit control hours

  • Mon-Thu: 5pm-7:30pm

    No permit required

  • Friday: After 5pm
  • Sat-Sun: All Day

    Note: Signage at the entry to parking areas and any additional control signage, curb markings and other parking control devices within these areas take precedence over maps and general campus information.

    Application Process and Calendar

    All employees with active core permit assignments are authorized to renew their existing permit without the need to join the waitlist. The renewal window begins in May.

    Employees wanting to sign up for a core permit must join the employee core permit waitlists. The employee core permit waitlists can be accessed through your Customer Account Manager. Core permit winners will be contacted by email and have two calendar weeks to log in to the Transportation Services Account Manager to reserve and purchase their permit. Failure to purchase a permit during this window will be considered a declination of this allotted permit and the permit will be offered to the next individual on the prioritized waitlist. Individuals on the waitlist have the ability to view their waitlist priority number by logging in to their customer account.

    Employees may sign up for more than one core permit area and may be on more than one waitlist at a time.

    Once a core permit has been issued to an employee, this employee will generally have the ability to renew this permit from year to year, so long as they remain eligible for this permit and renew during the designated annual permit renewal window. Individuals who decide to return their permit prior to the end of the permit year, decline to renew their permit for the following permit year, or who retire or otherwise separate from the University will no longer have access to core parking privileges. Individuals wishing to reapply for a core parking permit after having returned or declined to renew their permit will be placed at the bottom of the prioritized waitlist.

    2018-2019 Core Parking Calendar:

    Permit renewal window open:

  • May 11 - July 5

    Permit effective date:

  • July 1

    2018-2019 Additional E27 Core Parking Calendar:

    The E27 parking area (for both current and future permit holders) will include the new Press Avenue North Lot, being constructed off Press Avenue behind the new Research Building (RB2), as well as a new lot at the northeast corner of Press and Leader Avenue, which will begin construction later this spring.

    All employees with active 2017-2018 core permit assignments, including existing E27 permit holders currently parking in the designated temporary gravel lots at the corner of Virginia and S. Limestone and at Transcript Avenue, are authorized to renew their existing permit without the need to join the lottery.

    For more information, read the May 11 Transportation e-News.

    Additional E27 Core permit lottery sign up window open:

  • May 11 - May 28
  • Random drawing to determine winners and prioritize remaining entrants:

  • May 29
  • Winners contacted and purchase window open:

  • May 29 - June 12
  • Permit effective date:

  • July 1