Committee List

The UK Bicycle Advisory Committee

Meet the Committee

The Committee is composed of faculty, staff, students and a community representative. Current committee members:

Sandra Broadus (Chair) UK Transportation Services
Lance Broeking UK Transportation Services
Brian Connors Manke Community Member
Joseph Crabtree UK Kentucky Transportation Center
Warren Denny UK Capital Projects Management Division
Jerry Hart Physical Plant Division
Josh Hoekstra BCTC Faculty
Jamie Hopkins UK Counseling Center
John Ketron UK Transportation Services
Janine Lindgreen Nursing Practice and Support Services
Thomas Matlock UK Police Department
Susan Pollack Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center
Amanda Rist Trauma/Surgical Services
Nick Stamatiadis UK Civil Engineering
Shane Tedder (Facilities & Infrastructure Chair) UK Sustainability
Scott Thompson LFUCG Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator
Gretchen Tucker Facilities Information Services
Lauren Weaver Facilities Information Services
Bill Webb UK Police Department
Andrew Welleford Student