About Us

Vision Statement

Transportation Services will honor the University of Kentucky’s mission and vision and strive to improve the quality of life of the campus community through our commitment to providing responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions at the University by the efficient use of resources.

Mission Statement

Transportation Services provides commuting alternatives and intracampus mobility for University of Kentucky employees, students and guests.

Core Values

  • Innovation and Adaptability
  • Competency and Consistency
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Safety


In 1985, Parking and Transportation Services was created to specifically deal with parking and transit issues for the University of Kentucky campus. Originally, the department had only one fifteen-passenger bus that operated on the Night Route, and staff consisted mostly of part-time employees and students. The department has grown over the years. As of December 2006, Parking and Transportation Services had 83 full time employees, four offices and seven bus routes.

In 2003, the department switched from a state-funded department to an auxiliary service. The change means that Parking and Transportation Services no longer receives monies from the general fund, and is self-supported.

In March 2017, Parking and Transportation Services became Transportation Services. This name change was more reflective of the depth and scope of the department's offerings.

UK Student Transportation Council 

The UK Student Transportation Council (STC) works as a partner to UK Transportation Services by overseeing the prioritization of student transportation fees. Each year, the Council votes to allocate student fees toward programs that enhance automobile-free access to, from, and around campus, promote safe transportation alternatives, and foster sustainable mobility solutions focused on the unique needs of students. Learn more about the Student Transportation Council and its funding decisions here.