Blue Route

Blue Route (Lextran Route 14)

During fall and spring semesters when classes are in official session
Monday - Friday | 6:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. | Every 7-10 Minutes
Monday - Friday | 10:00 p.m. to midnight | Every 10-15 Minutes

During academic breaks, on dates when the University is open
Monday - Friday | 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. | Every 14-20 Minutes

Bus Policies During Delays and Emergency Closures

Blue Route Map

Bus Stop Locations

Stop Letter Stop Location Lextran Stop #
A     Kroger Field 5069
B     Cooper @ Shelter IB 1617
C     South Limestone @ Ag Science 985
D     S Limestone @ 1000 (UK Hospital) 1672
E     South Limestone @ 830 (KY Clinic) 1618
F     South Limestone @ Washington 1605
G     South Limestone @ Law Bldg 1606
H     South Limestone @ Prall 1607
I     South Limestone @ Steps 987
J     AOC @ Student Center 1143
K     Rose St @ Singletary 988
L     Columbia @ W.T. Young 989
M     Woodland @ W.T. Young 990
N     Hilltop @ Woodland OB 1629
O     University @ Medical Center Annex 5 980
P     University @ Hospital Dr 222

The Blue and White Routes consist of two overlapping routes traveling in opposite directions. This bi-directional service ensures that all areas of campus are less than a 5 minute walk form any bus stop and provides easy access in either direction. Simply refer to the map and use the bus traveling in the direction with the shortest distance to your destination. The Blue Route runs clockwise from Kroger Field to the west along Limestone, with its first stops at Cooper and Ag Science. The White Route operates counterclockwise from the Kroger Field to the east along University toward the W.T. Young Library, with its first stops at Complex Drive and Huguelet Drive.

Bus Tracking

All campus routes - as well as off-campus Lextran routes- are viewable real-time on TransLoc Rider, UK’s GPS-based bus locating system. TransLoc Rider can be accessed at and via the free TransLoc Rider Android and iPhone apps. Additionally, you may send a text message to 41411 with UKY and the appropriate stop number to receive a message back listing the next three arrival times for that stop.

Please note that, due to technical challenges, both directions of Route 14 (Blue and White Routes) are displayed as the same color (Blue) on TransLoc Rider. Pay careful attention to the real-time movement of the bus you are tracking to determine whether it is serving the Blue or White Route. Transportation Services, Lextran and TransLoc are working to correct this issue and hope to have it resolved in the near future.