Spring & Summer 2020 Interim Transportation Procedures

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that has impacted individuals, universities, businesses and other institutions throughout the world. In an effort to help slow the spread of this virus, the University of Kentucky has implemented an online learning plan for students for the remainder of the spring semester. In addition, many university employees are now working remotely.

These changes have resulted in the need to modify the university's transportation services to reflect the realities of this on-going situation. Please see below for additional details regarding parking, campus bus services and other transit services.

Spring 2020 Interim Parking Modifications
Campus parking lots are on control during this period. However, there are some modifications. Please see this release for details.

Summer 2020 Interim Parking Map
This map details parking options May 8 through July 31.

Spring 2020 Interim Transit Service
Please see this release for details about the campus bus routes, Kentucky Wildcab and Paratransit services. (This information has been updated. Please see this story for changes to the bus routes.)

COVID-19 Response: Employee Permit Returns
For details about employee parking permit returns and procedures, please visit this page.

COVID-19 Response:  Student Permit Credits
For details about student parking permit credits, please visit this page.

Employee Parking Permit Fee Suspension or Refunds Associated with Administrative No-Pay
Please see this document for information about parking permit suspension/refunds.