Frequently Asked Questions - Bus Questions

Where can I get a bus schedule?

Schedules of all the UK campus routes may be viewed online.

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I have to park at the stadium. I've heard that buses run from the stadium to campus. How often do they run, and how much does it cost?

Transportation Services operates several different bus shuttles on campus. Lextran is contracted to run from the Stadium to main campus Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. until midnight. Buses should be 5-10 minutes apart and run continuous cycles.

All campus bus shuttles are free to ride.

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How do I know which bus to board?

Look for the route name displayed on the front of the bus.

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What if I miss the bus? Will a bus driver stop for me if I run after them or wave for them to stop?

No, buses are only permitted to stop at designated bus stops.

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Do you have any tips for boarding the bus?

Wait until riders have finished exiting the bus before boarding.

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How will the driver know that I want to get off the bus?

To indicate that you need to depart the bus, pull the cord above the window or say “Next Stop” to alert the driver; be sure to do so with enough advance notice for the driver to safely come to a stop. Allow the bus to come to a complete stop before you stand to exit.

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Are your buses equipped to provide access for people with disabilities? What about the Lextran buses?

All Campus Area Transit buses are wheelchair accessible, ensuring that campus bus routes are available to everyone. We work closely with the Disability Resource Center to assist students with special needs.

The Lextran buses that operate on-campus are required by UK to be wheelchair accessible. For information about Lextran city routes, visit

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I live off-campus, but a Lextran bus comes by my apartment complex with a sign saying that it goes to UK. Is this one of the free shuttles that UK provides?

No, that is a regular Lextran city route. However, all UK faculty, staff and students ride all Lextran routes for free through the BluPass program, simply by showing their Wildcard ID.

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How do I read the bus schedules?

Time point stops are in CAPS; intermediate stops are in italics.

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Can you explain more about how these time point stops work?

A bus will not leave a time point stop early, but it may be late. Buses will pick up at the intermediate stops between the two time points on either side. This system helps keep the buses on schedule during varying traffic periods.

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What is TransLoc Rider, and how will it help me get around campus?

TransLoc Rider is Global Positioning System (GPS)-based tracking for all campus buses that allows riders to track the buses from a computer or on-the-go. The service is updated in real-time, helping riders plan for delays caused by traffic, accidents or inclement weather.

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Sound great! How do I use it?

Just go to from a computer or your mobile device, and select the route or bus stop of your choice. TransLoc Rider also offers free iPhone and Android apps, for on-the-go tracking of bus routes.

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can text the bus stop number preceded by “uky” to 41411 to receive SMS message updates on the buses arriving at that location (ex. “uky 108”).

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Do the campus Lextran buses have tracking through TransLoc Rider?

Yes, all off-campus Lextran routes can also be tracked with TransLoc Rider.
Users should be sure to select both Lextran and the University of Kentucky under Current Transit Systems.

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Help! I'm still not sure which bus to ride or which stop I should use to get to my class or residence hall.

If you have any questions about the buses or about your trip, ask the driver. They are always glad to assist our riders.