New Yellow Route Provides Sunday Travel on Campus

University of Kentucky Transportation Services: Transportation E-newsletter
August 17, 2018

New Yellow Route Provides Sunday Travel on Campus

UK Transportation Services is excited to announce expanded campus bus service on Sundays starting this fall. The new Yellow Route will run from noon until midnight, beginning Sunday, Aug. 19 and will operate between Kroger Field and north campus focused on serving the heavily trafficked student areas.

The Yellow Route is funded through a shared partnership between UK Transportation Services and the Student Transportation Fee Advisory Council and will be operated by LexTran, Lexington's Transit Authority.

As well as offering the campus community additional options for traveling between residence halls and other major campus destinations such as the Gatton Student Center, William T. Young Library and campus recreation and dining facilities, this new route will be especially helpful to students who park in the Kroger Field periphery (K) lots and are bringing back laundry, groceries or other bulky items. Since the service runs until midnight, it will also serve as a convenient and safe transportation option for students traversing campus late at night.

Two buses will serve the route with a service frequency of approximately 15 minutes and will utilize many of the same bus stops served by the weekday Blue and White Routes. The route will operate every Sunday during the fall and spring semesters when school is in session and replaces the on-demand shuttle that operated from 7pm to midnight in previous years.

Campus buses can be tracked in real time using the TransLoc Rider app on iPhone and Android devices, which allows users to avoid unnecessary wait times. TransLoc is a GPS-based system that tracks all campus buses. Users should select both Lextran and the University of Kentucky under Current Transit Systems to include all relevant routes.

The free transit options are not restricted solely to campus. Transportation Services' partnership with LexTran (BluPass) allows students, faculty and staff to ride any LexTran route free of charge when showing their Wildcard ID. This program has resulted in more than 2 million trips throughout campus throughout the partnership, which began in July 2015.

For more information on parking options and transportation alternatives, visit UK Transportation Services. UK Transportation Services is also on Twitter at @UKParking or tune into 1700 AM (WQKH 253) to hear daily campus parking and transportation updates. The station broadcasts 24 hours, 7 days a week.