New Employees

Welcome! We think you'll discover that the University of Kentucky is a great place to work.

At UK Transportation Services, one of our primary goals is to assist University of Kentucky employees in discovering all of their mobility options -- from driving to biking and beyond. 

UK is making strides to reduce traffic and emissions on campus through sustainable commute options. Transportation Services has responded by creating a variety of bicycle, campus-wide transit and ride-sharing options. If you don't need to drive to campus, consider taking advantage of one or more of these programs:

Campus Bus Routes
Free Citywide Transit
Bike Programs
Ride Share Options
Free Commute Planning

For those who need or want to drive to campus, employees can choose between many different parking lots or structures at different permit price points. Learn more about employee parking and permit options here:

Parking on Campus
View our Parking Maps

UK Transportation Services
721 Press Avenue (PS #6)
Located on the corner of Press and Virginia avenues