2019-2020 Employee Parking Permit Renewals Now Open

By lasu224 · May 22, 2019

UK Transportation Services is now offering employee intermediate and periphery parking permit renewals. UK and BCTC Cooper Campus employees are encouraged to renew their permits online by logging into their customer account at www.uky.edu/transportation

Permit renewal time also offers employees a good opportunity to consider other methods of transportation to campus, rather than single occupancy vehicles. Transportation Services offers a number of attractive incentives to encourage both employees and students to consider sustainable commuting options, such as biking, busing, walking or ride sharing.  For details about these incentives, visit the “Incentives” section of our website

For those who choose to drive to and park on campus, please note that 2019-2020 parking permits must be displayed no later than Monday, July 1. All outstanding parking citations must be paid before a permit application will be processed. Citations may be paid online.

Permit sales are available online now through July 5. However, those wishing to have their permit mailed must make their online purchase by Friday, June 21. After June 21, mail delivery will not be available, and employees will need to pick up their permit in person at the Transportation Services’ office.

Employees may also submit paper permit renewal forms via campus mail or stop by the Transportation Services’ customer service center in the Press Avenue Garage to purchase a permit in person beginning today. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Employee Intermediate Permits
Intermediate employee permits for the 2019-2020 permit year cost $40 per month ($480 annually). Employees who choose to purchase an intermediate employee permit not only have the flexibility of parking in all intermediate employee (E) lots but may also park in the south campus periphery areas. For more details about intermediate employee permits, please visit our employee intermediate page.

Employee Periphery Permits
Employees who choose to park only at the south campus periphery (Kroger Field Red, Blue, or Orange Lots, or the Large Gluck Lot) may purchase a periphery employee (EK) permit for $34 per month ($408 annually). This price is unchanged from the 2018-19 periphery permit price. The south campus periphery is served by continual and convenient campus bus service. For more details about employee periphery permits, please visit our employee periphery page.

Employee Core Permits
Employees looking for a more predictable parking option than the traditional intermediate or periphery parking areas are encouraged to consider employee core parking options.  The cost for a core permit is $60 per month ($720 annually). Core permit quantities are limited and are available through a waitlist. Employees who wish to sign up for a core permit can add themselves to one or more core permit waitlists, accessible through the Customer Account Manager. While on the waitlist, employees will need to purchase an employee intermediate or periphery permit in order to park on campus until they are selected for a permit upgrade. For more details, please visit our core permits page.

UK Transportation Services strives to improve the quality of life on campus by offering responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions. To learn more about transportation options, follow Transportation Services on Twitter @UKParking, or visit us online at www.uky.edu/transportation.