Commuter Parking Permit Sales Start June 7

By lasu224 ยท June 3, 2021

Student commuter (C) permits will go on sale beginning Monday, June 7, for returning students (those who had a commuter permit last academic year). This priority pre-sale window is available through Wednesday, June 16, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the pre-sale window closes, all remaining commuter parking permits will be offered for sale to the broader commuter student population with 60 or more credit hours. Sales will begin at noon on Tuesday, June 22, and will continue until permits are sold out.

Commuter permits for the new academic year cost $320, which is the same rate as last year. They are only available for purchase for a full academic year.

Students seeking less expensive options may also consider purchasing a periphery (K) permit.

Commuter Parking Areas
Students who choose to purchase a commuter permit are authorized to park within their designated commuter area and are not approved to park in other commuter areas. They may also park in student periphery (K) parking areas and in most employee intermediate lots after 3:30 p.m.

In addition to commuter options in the Scott Street area (C9), students can now choose a C5 commuter option, which allows for parking in Cornerstone Garage. Commuter parking in Cornerstone was added in the 2020 academic year after that structure was expanded.

For more details about commuter permits, please visit our commuter permits page.

Permit Control Dates
Summer campus parking arrangements and control ends on Friday, August 13. Commuter lots will go on control for designated permits beginning on Monday, August 16.
Campus periphery (K) area lots, R19, and remote (X) lots will remain off control through Sunday, August 22. Periphery lots return to permit control on Monday, August 23, when classes begin.
Purchasing a Permit
To purchase a permit online, simply log into your customer account using your linkblue ID and password. Purchases can also be made in person at our customer service center or over the phone by calling 859-257-5757.

Our customer service center is located at 721 Press Avenue and our regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

All outstanding parking citations must be paid before a permit purchase may be processed. Citations may be paid online or over the phone.

Permit renewal time also offers students a good opportunity to consider other methods of transportation to, from and around campus, rather than single occupancy vehicles. Transportation Services offers a number of attractive incentives to encourage both employees and students to consider sustainable options, such as biking, busing, walking or ride sharing. For details about these programs, visit the Incentives section of our website.

If you have questions or need more information, please call 859-257-5757 or email UK Transportation Services.

UK Transportation Services strives to improve the quality of life on campus by offering responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions. To learn more about transportation options, follow Transportation Services on Twitter @UKParking, or visit us online at