COVID-19 Response: Employee Permit Returns

By lasu224 ยท April 1, 2020

We have received a number of questions, understandably, regarding the status of parking permits, given the remote work status of much of our campus community during this public health crisis. While employees always have the option to turn in their parking permits, and discontinue further payments, we wanted to provide some background and guidance about the challenges associated with that move as we continue to navigate evolving status of work-life in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The University will not be instituting an across the board suspension of suspension payroll deduction for parking permits, for a number of reasons:

  • University parking will remain controlled for permits as we ensure the health and safety of the campus. Regulation of University parking lots and structures will continue.
  • Many employees, even as they work remotely, will need to return to campus periodically for work obligations. That will require a valid permit in University parking or pay for hourly parking in visitor facilities.
  • To be sure, work assignments and demands will evolve, and will require flexibility, over the next several weeks and months. Our employees should consider that need for flexibility when they make decisions regarding campus parking during this interim period.
  • Employees with reserved or core parking permit assignments, who choose to return their parking permit, will forfeit their assignment going forward. That assignment will be offered to the next individual on what continues to be an extensive waitlist.
  • Individuals desiring to repurchase reserved or core parking permits following this remote work directive will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which they apply.
  • The ability to reissue employee parking permits as we return to normal business operations may be challenging, given the waitlist for parking and the number of permit applications we receive. That could lead to a shortage of supply and extended delays for individual permits.

However, if employees do want to proceed with returning their permit, they should prepare the following:

  • Returning the parking permit along with a completed permit payroll stoppage form. The form and permit can be dropped off at the Press Avenue Garage customer service center drive-through window or returned by mail to Transportation Services, 721 Press Ave., Lexington, KY 40506-0571. 
  • Alternatively, completing the permit payroll stoppage form and returning it via email, along with photos of your permit. Employees will find complete instructions and documentation requirements on the form.

 We hope this guidance and background information is helpful to our campus community as individuals make decisions about their parking options going forward. As always, if there are questions or concerns, you can reach out to our permitting staff at 859-257-5757 or email us at We will respond as quickly as possible.

We deeply appreciate the continued commitment of everyone to the health, safety and well-being of our campus community.

Thank you.

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