Events to Impact Parking in Linden Walk Lot

By lasu224 ยท March 16, 2023

Employee parking spaces in the Linden Walk Lot will be unavailable on Friday, March 17. The 124-space lot is reserved for in-person auditions for the Governors School for the Arts. These final round auditions will take place at the Singletary Center for the Arts.
The Linden Walk Lot will also be impacted on Tuesday, March 28. A total of 25 spaces in the lot will be unavailable that day and reserved for attendees of the Fifth Annual Intercultural Awareness Day. This event is being held at the Helen King Alumni Building and is open to the public with registration.
Impacted employees can park in other nearby employee-intermediate lots, including King Alumni North and South, the Career Center Lot, Schmidt Lot, Sturgill Lot, and Memorial Coliseum Lot.

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