Free Commute Planning Assistance is Available

By lasu224 · August 15, 2022

Figuring out how to get to, from, and around the University of Kentucky’s campus can be challenging. UK Transportation Services staff can assist you in customizing your commute.

Our department offers free commute planning services designed to help you make the most convenient and accessible commuting choices. These personalized plans are tailored to your situation, whether you drive a personal vehicle, rideshare with others, take the bus, bike, or walk.

Our staff has in-depth knowledge of all transportation options and can recommend the most convenient method for you during those first few crucial weeks of classes or employment. Commute planning services are available for both students and employees.

It’s easy to request assistance, simply complete this online form and staff will contact you via your preferred method of communication. They’ll develop a plan with your input, considering any challenges or special circumstances.

There are many different ways to get around UK, let our department help you take the stress out of figuring out the best options for you!

For more information about commute planning services, submit our online request form or email UK Transportation Services.

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