Kentucky Wildcab is now Wildcab Vouchers!

By lasu224 · September 14, 2023

UK Transportation Services, in collaboration with the UK Student Government Association (SGA), is excited to announce a new late-night on-demand student transportation partnership with Uber.

Wildcab Vouchers now offers students a voucher for discounted Uber rides. This program replaces Kentucky Wildcab and continues Transportation Services and SGA’s long-standing commitment to promoting safe and responsible late-night transportation decisions.

Wildcab Vouchers provides eligible students with up to ten $6 ride vouchers per semester. The vouchers are valid on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. within the program’s designated service area, which is the same area previously served by Kentucky Wildcab.

Students are responsible for any amount over the initial $6 when redeeming a ride voucher; however, many rides within the service area are $6 or less, in which case rides will be essentially free to the student. Students also have the option to redeem a voucher on a ride or save it for a future trip. Please note that tips are extra and are the financial responsibility of the student. Additional voucher terms and conditions may apply upon redemption.

To sign up for Wildcab Vouchers, students should complete the Wildcab Vouchers Enrollment Form located here. This information will be transferred to Uber, and students will receive a welcome email with a link to add the voucher to their Uber account wallet for use during program service hours. Vouchers expire at the end of the fall semester, but students will be able to sign up for the program again next spring.

“Wildcab Vouchers is the next evolution of our student late-night transportation program,” said Lance Broeking, Director of UK Transportation Services. “We’re thrilled about the opportunity to expand the reach and responsiveness of Wildcab by leveraging Uber’s vast network of drivers to ensure reliable transportation is available to our students when it’s needed most.”

Lizzy Hornung, president of the UK Student Government Association, said “the UK Student Government Association is continuing in its steadfast commitment to partner with Transportation Services to promote safe late-night rides. We’re ecstatic to supplement Uber rides and hope to reach the widest possible student population. We encourage students to use this wonderful resource.”

For more details about Wildcab Vouchers and to sign up for this new student benefit, visit this page.

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