Parking Citation Fine Increase & Courtesy Void Program Expansion

By lasu224 · June 30, 2021

Beginning July 1, campus parking citation fines will increase for the first time since 2006, with the most common violations increasing from $25 to $30 per occurrence.

At the same time, UK Transportation Services is also expanding its courtesy void policy for UK parking permit holders to allow for two courtesy voids per fiscal year rather than one.

Courtesy voids are only applicable in instances when a permit holder has a valid UK parking permit for the area in which they parked but forgot to display it for some reason. In those cases, permit holders can contact UK Transportation Services to request a courtesy void, which cancels the fine.

Courtesy voids are not applicable in all other situations, such as parking at meters without paying, violations that involve single-day scratch-off permits, ADA-related violations, or parking in restricted areas.

Transportation Services has not increased citation rates on campus for 15 years (since 2006). The primary goal of enforcement is to maintain access and equity for all users of the campus transportation system. As such, Transportation Services does not use citation revenue as a means to increase operating funds and does not employ any type of citation quotas.  Rather, the department simply seeks to balance the cost of enforcement with the revenue generated through enforcement fines and fees. The July increase in citation fees will bring these financial figures in line.

Additionally, a detailed benchmark study of peer institutions and regional municipalities found that UK’s citation rates tend to be lower than most comparable institutions and will remain in line with benchmarks after the increase.

A parking citation rate sheet is now available online. All citation fees incurred prior to July 1, 2021, will remain at the old rate. Only fees incurred on or after July 1 will be assessed at the new rates.

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