PTS Reminds the UK Community to Share the Road

By webcom · September 16, 2016

PTS Reminds the UK Community to Share the Road

As the start of fall semester brings an increase in campus population and a corresponding increase in vehicle and foot traffic around the University of Kentucky campus, UK Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is reminding all roadway users — including motorists, bicyclists and motor scooter users — to use caution when interacting with each other, in order to safely share the road. As part of these efforts, PTS has developed safety tips for each of these groups.

PTS, in conjunction with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Fayette County Public Schools, UK and Lexington Police and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, wants to promote safety on our roads. Cyclists and motorists (including motor scooter users) have the same rights, rules and responsibilities on most Kentucky roads.

Below is a list of tips for cyclists that will help keep the road a safe way to travel:


  • Respect the Rules: Bicycles are vehicles. Obey traffic rules for safety and to gain respect from motorists. Never ride against traffic; it is illegal and unsafe.
  • Be Safe, Be Seen: Use front and rear lights and wear bright or reflective clothing. Be predictable and make eye contact with motorists, and use hand signals to indicate your intentions.
  • Pass with Care: A minimum of three feet is recommended for passing vehicles.
  • Wear a Helmet: Helmet use dramatically reduces the risks of brain injury and death for cyclists involved in accidents.
  • Always Park at Bike Racks: Locking your bike to anything other than a bike rack can cause access issues, fire hazards and other problems and is prohibited by University of Kentucky regulations. Just park at a bike rack. Rack locations can be found on the Bicycle Facilities map.

Additionally, cyclists are reminded to engage in safe sidewalk riding behaviors. Some campus sidewalks have been designated as shared sidewalks and, under certain conditions, serve as important connections for cyclists. These shared sidewalks are wide, do not run parallel to vehicular traffic and connect important campus destinations. Nonetheless, these walks were designed for pedestrian traffic and bicyclists should always yield.

If you choose to ride your bike on any campus sidewalk, please follow these basic rules:

  • Always Yield to Pedestrians: Give audible warning, or dismount to pass when sidewalks are crowded or narrow.
  • Go Slow: Sidewalks are not designed for speeds faster than a slow jog.
  • Check Every Cross Street and Driveway: Vehicles often pull across the sidewalk before entering traffic or turn into driveways without scanning very far down the street.
  • Only Cross the Street at Crosswalks: Darting into the street mid-block is extremely dangerous.

For more information about sharing the road, visit For a complete list of local bike ordinances, visit

Bike Parking Reminder

University of Kentucky students and employees are choosing bicycles as a means of getting to, from and around campus, in growing numbers. UK Parking and Transportation Services would like to remind cyclists that bicycles may only be parked at bicycle racks, located at all residence halls, classroom buildings and throughout campus. 

Bicycles may not be parked at any area other than a bike rack. Securing bikes to areas such as handrails or doors could block building access and egress, creating a hazard and nuisance. Parking bicycles along disabled ramps is prohibited. Likewise, bicycles may not be locked to benches, poles, signs or trees.

Over the past few months, more than 700 bicycle parking spaces were added or upgraded. Students and employees who notice a need for more bike parking in a particular area of campus may submit a request via

 Here is a complete map of campus-area bicycle lanes and facilities (PDF), including rack locations.

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