Work in Press Avenue Garage to Impact Parking

By lasu224 ยท July 20, 2022

Contractors will begin replacing an expansion joint on the first floor ramp in Press Avenue Garage (PS #6) as early as Wednesday, July 27. This work will impact parking availability on the ramp, but traffic to the upper levels of the structure will be maintained.

As many as 40 parking spaces on the first floor ramp may be unavailable during this time. The project is expected to last approximately 10 days.

Employees who typically park in Press Avenue Garage and are unable to find a space as a result of this work can park in other nearby employee intermediate surface lots located off Press and Transcript avenues.

Additional parking options include the Orange (EK) Lot and Cornerstone Garage (PS #5). Employees who opt to park in the Orange Lot can take the Orange Route (UK HealthCare) buses, with service directly to the UK HealthCare campus.

Employees who choose to park in Cornerstone Garage can take the campus Blue or White route to their work locations.

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