2017-18 Transportation and Parking Questions

2017-2018 Transportation Options Questions

What is an off-peak permit? What is off-peak control??

An off-peak permit allows you to park in most intermediate areas after 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Off-peak control refers to the fact that these lots are open to any permit type after 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

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What is a remote permit?

New for 2017-2018, remote permits are restricted to on-campus student residents. Remote permits are valid in the southernmost section of campus, near the Greg Page and Shawneetown Apartment complexes. Remote parking is only available to students who have a campus housing contract.

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What is a periphery permit?

A periphery permit allows you to park in the areas surrounding Kroger Field. Student periphery permits (K permits) are valid in the Red, Blue, Soccer/Softball Complex Lots and the Greg Page Overflow Lot. Employee periphery permits are valid in the Orange Lot and Large Gluck Lot, in addition to the areas listed above.

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What is an intermediate permit?

Commuter student lots and most employee lots fall into this category. Commuter intermediate permits may only be used in the area to which they are assigned – C5 or C9 – while employee intermediate permits may be used in any employee intermediate lot.

Intermediate permit holders may also “park down” into periphery areas.

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What is a core permit?

Core permits provide a predictable parking option at a higher price point. The core parking tier includes most student residential parking areas, as well as a small number of employee parking areas. Core areas are numbered, and core permits are only valid in the core area to which they are assigned.

Core permit holders may also “park down” into intermediate and periphery areas.

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What is a reserved permit?

Reserved permits provide the highest degree of predictability for campus parking. Reserved permits are affiliated with specific departments, and approval to purchase this permit type is determined by the dean or department head.

Employee reserved permits authorize the permit holder to “park down” in any employee intermediate or periphery parking area, in addition to their designated reserved area.

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Why are certain type of permits more expensive than others?

Under the tiered parking model, permit price is determined by location, predictability and desirability.

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Why are you shifting to more tiered parking?

This change was recommended in the 2015 Transportation Master Plan. Doing so will result in more options for students and employees with a broad range of prices tied to the relative desirability, location and predictability of parking. Tiered parking is also expected to reduce commute time and congestion, and to decrease carbon emissions.

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Who is eligible for core permits?

Employee permit eligibility is based upon employment classification. All regular full and part-time UK employees are generally eligible to apply for core permits. Additionally, designated VA employees, as well as most employees of University associates are eligible to apply.

The following specific classifications of employees are not eligible to apply for core parking permits:

  • STEPS temporary employees
  • Graduate and professional students, including Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants

Students may only apply for a core residential permit if they live in campus housing.

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How will employee core permits be awarded?

Employee core permits for the newly expanded core areas – the Rose Street Garage, the Sports Center Garage and the Prall Street Lot – will be awarded through a random lottery process. Applicants will have two weeks in mid- to late April during which to submit a lottery application. No preference will be given based on the order of application.

Employees who hold core permits for the existing core areas – the Press Avenue Lot, the Seminary Drive Lot and the UK HealthCare Good Samaritan Hospital Garage, Levels G and H – will have the option to renew their permits.

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Will all employee parking in the Rose Street Garage, the Sports Center Garage and the Prall Street Lot be core parking?

Yes, the only employee option for these areas is a core permit.

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Why are residential permits now considered to be “core”?

The core tier more accurately reflects the amenities of these lots, given the proximity of these spaces to on-campus housing and the restrictions placed on the lots.

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Why aren’t students who live off campus eligible for remote parking?

Since remote parking is located in close proximity to graduate family housing areas, remote permits are restricted to students who live on campus to minimize traffic impact to the apartment complexes.

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How can I get more information on how this impacts my department? Could someone talk at our upcoming staff meeting?

Yes, absolutely. Transportation Services is committed to ensuring that the transition into more tiered parking goes as smoothly as possibly, while recognizing that this is a complex and nuanced issue. If you would like for a Transportation Services official to present to your college or department, email UKTransportation@lsv.uky.edu.

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